A Place in the Sun's Laura Hamilton stunned as buyer breaks down in tears before even viewing first property

A PLACE in the Sun's Laura Hamilton was left stunned after a buyer broke down in tears before even viewing their first property.

Laura met up with husband and wife Nasser and Mariam to find their dream property in Murcia, Spain.

The couple revealed they were in the market for a two-bedroom family holiday home with plenty of outside space, with a budget of £70,000.

The Channel 4 programme shows guests a number of properties in their chosen area, but Mariam was in tears before she had even stepped inside house number one.

Nasser told Laura: “It’s really nice, it’s so calm and quiet. It’s what we want.”

“It’s really beautiful,” Mariam added emotionally before her husband asked: “Are you okay?”

She replied: “We’ve waited a long time to come back and this just looks absolutely perfect."

A stunned Laura said: "You haven’t even been through the front door!"

Mariam and Nasser reiterated that the property was everything they had hoped for in terms of the exterior and outdoor space.

But Laura added: "Well I better tell you a bit more about it before we [buy it]. It’s a two-bed, it’s been rented out for a year so it does need a bit of TLC. 

“It’s currently priced just under £68,000. So I think we should get inside, don’t you?”

Once inside, the couple's love of the property only deepened as they commented on the open plan layout.

They put an offer in on the first property, but sadly it was rejected.

A Place in the Sun airs weekdays at 3pm on Channel 4.

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