Alaskan Bush People’s Matt Brown accused of violently raping two women just days apart after booze binge

TWO women have accused Alaskan Bush People’s Matt Brown of violently raping them just days apart after the reality star had spent days drinking heavily.

First accuser Jessica Jurges, 35, a one-time personal assistant of the reality TV family, alleged that Matt ripped off her swimsuit, grabbed her arms and raped her in a swimming pool as she tried to fight him off.

In an exclusive interview with The Sun, she said she thought she would drown during the "terrifying" two-and-a-half hour ordeal, and she screamed at the reality star to get off her multiple times.

She says was eventually saved by the second alleged victim, Shelly Dawn Early, Matt's then-manager, who managed to pull him off by his hair so Jessica could escape.

Just three days later, Shelly, 54, alleged the 37-year-old former Alaskan Bush People star also raped her at the same location in Canoga Park, Los Angeles.

Both women reported the alleged rapes to the LAPD’s Topanga Division, who launched an investigation and passed the case to the Los Angeles County District Attorney's office. However, the DA's Office later declined to prosecute.

Now the women are speaking publicly for the first time in a bid to obtain "justice" – and expose Matt, who they call a “predator.”

Matt has been absent from the show since around the same time as the alleged rapes – when he was admitted to rehab for addiction problems.

Jessica saidMatt, who has had well-documented alcohol problems, started drinking vodka while she drank Hennessy before persuading her to get in the pool on July 8, 2018.

Describing the alleged assault, Jessica, who had also previously worked on the Alaskan Bush People show as a coordinator, said: “I'm terrified of water. I can barely swim. So I do everything I can do to stay out of water.

“But Matt eventually persuaded me to get in and he was like a shark. He ripped my bathing suit off. Wouldn't let go of me. I said no probably a million times.

“I was disgusted. I said everything nasty I could to him, to get him off me and it wasn't happening.

“He was a monster. I've been in situations, but that was the worst. I was like, ‘Is this what celebrities do? Is this really how they behave?’

“It was monstrous. It seemed to go on for two and a half hours until Shelly rescued me.

“She kept coming out. She kept coming outside and he kept telling her, 'Go back inside, we're fine'. And I was saying 'Oh no.'

“And then at some point I remember he flipped me around in the corner and all I could do was keep my legs closed and try everything I could to keep him off. I'm watching the water rushing over the side of the pool.

“I'm in the corner. I had to just live through it.

“And he kept saying, ‘Take your glasses off.’ I was just thinking, ‘I'm dying. I don't want you to see my eyes.’ I believe that's a predator thing.”

Jessica, who could barely swim, said there were points during the ordealshe thought she would drown.

But she said Shelly realized what was going on, and stepped into help.

“Thank God she was there. She ripped him off. At some point, his back was towards her and she grabbed him one hand underneath one shoulder, one hand on his hair," she said.

“I still couldn't get out – there was a stupid ladder that wasn't attached – one of those half ladders. So every time I would try to climb off it, he would pull me right back in the water.

“I could have died, I could have drowned

“After the attack, we got out of the pool. And we're just reprimanding him saying 'Matt what the f**k is wrong with you? Don't you ever do that to anybody. You'll go to prison. Do you understand?' … He just apologized and cried.”

Second accuser Shelly, who had been employed by Matt to act as a manager and to help him deal with his addiction issues, alleged she was then violently raped by him just three days later on July 11 – again after he had been drinking heavily.

"It was just days after I had pulled him out of the pool when he was trying to get at Jessica," Shelly told The Sun.

"I was at the same house and that's when he raped me.

"He knew that I had a hip replacement and he knew that my legs aren't as strong as the rest of my body. And that's how it happened. I couldn't ward him off because my hips were weak.

"He was out-of-his-mind drunk. After it happened, he told me that I raped him – that's how drunk he was.

"And then when the Lyft came to come and get me, he thought it was a police car. And he was telling the guy in the Lyft that I raped him. He was just so wasted."

That night Jessica said she recalls getting a call from a distressed Shelly, who told her what had happened.

“She was crying, barely speaking. And you know, I finally had to scream and she was like, ‘It's so bad – he raped me,’" Jessica said.

“I just didn't think for a second, after he just did that to me, he would do it to Shelly."

Jessica described how she first met Matt when she began working for the production company that makes Alaskan Bush People as coordinator in 2017.

She then began working directly for the Brown family as an assistant and became very close to them and considered Matt a good friend.

Shelly meanwhile had met Matt when she was struggling with depression and homeless in Loomis, Washington.

He told her he needed a manager and wanted her to help him with his addiction issues, as she had experience in that area, and she accompanied him to California in July 2018 where the alleged rapes took place.

Jessica hadn’t seen Matt for some time when he visited that July and they had planned to discuss setting up an agency together which would manage his career.

She said her close relationship with Matt and the rest of the family made it difficult to process the alleged assault.

“I didn't tell the cops that at one point during the attack he said, 'You didn't think I just came back to talk about the agency?'" Jessica said.

“I should have, but I thought that's really going to get him in trouble. I'm just a nice person. And I love the family so much. I was so loyal to them. I couldn't process what was going on. I guess that's part of why people get away with doing bad s**t because victims don't know how to handle it.

The two women recalled how they had to return to the house to drop off Brown’s ID, cards and phone, which he had left with them after their alleged ordeal.

They filmed the visit to his house for safety reasons – but Matt had left the house.

In the video seen by The Sun, the women can be heard saying how “scared” they were as they searched around the house looking for Matt, who had bizarrely left pillows under the covers in the beds to make it look like “there was a dead body in every bed.”

They dropped off his possessions, and then left the property.

In other evidence to support their stories, Jessica shared a harrowing video with The Sun which she had recorded shortly after the alleged attack in which she cries and tells Matt: "You were out of control… Don't do it again."

She also told two of Matt's brothers and fellow cast members, Bear and Gabe, about the attack, text messages seen by The Sun show.

In one message seen by The Sun, Bear tells Jessica “I’d have killed him! No one disrespects a lady! That is unacceptable, he will pay!” after she told him about the alleged attack.

Gabe said: "I'm so sorry I mean this with all my heart stay away from Matt. "

Does he know where you live? I don't know what to say or do tbh I think because there's nothing I can do. All the excuses in the world can't make up for his behavior – it's not ok."

She also told two crew members on the show, a close friend and mentor, her husband and her brothers.

Gabe and Bear Brown’s reaction to the rape allegations

Jessica shared dozens of text messages with The Sun showing how Matt Brown’s brothers reacted when she told them about the alleged rapes:

Bear Brown

Jessica: "I wish I could have fought him a little harder, I did grab his d**k like I wanted to rip it off. He kept saying 'just let me stick it' again and again and again. I'm sorry Bear I just don't want to talk to anybody else."

Bear: "I tried to warn you! If I knew he was that bad though! I'd have killed him! No one disrespects a lady! That is unacceptable and he will pay!"

Bear: "Also no part of any of what happened was your fault! Don't blame yourself!"

Gabe Brown

Jessica: "Gabe he f**king scared the shit out of me. I can't close my eyes and see darkness, all I see is everything and I'm stuck in the pool with him I literally can't get out…."

Gabe: "I'm so sorry I mean this with all my heart stay away from Matt does he know where you live? I don't know what to say or do tbh I think because there's nothing I can do. All the excuses in the world can't make up for his behavior it's not ok. I'm so sorry for you to have that on your conscious I knew it was a bad idea I'm so sorry I feel responsible I know how he is I'm so sorry I can't say it enough I am so very sorry."

Jessica:"I told Matt I was in love with Bear. When he forced kissed me I said he was gross and a terrible kisser. I literally tried everything to turn him off and shut him down he just wouldn't stop and all the "nos" and "Matt stops" in the world couldn't help me. It took Shelly pulling him out by his hair"

Gabe: "Sweetie I'm so sorry nobody should have to go through something like that it sounds like a nightmare. He's the biggest f**k up I've ever met tbh he has everything and just f**ks it up somehow. He's a jackass I'm so sorry he came into your life I wish you never met us we've done nothing but hurt you and I'm so sorry you don't deserve that you're an amazing person full of life and joy."

Gabe: "Unfortunately everyone know how he is he really f**ked up the way the family thinks of him by being a loud violent drunk …He's my big brother we've always been close but his behavior is not acceptable "

Her close friend and mentor told The Sun how he noticed a change in Jessica after July 8 – and he convinced her to go to police after she broke down to him one day and told him about the alleged rape.

He set up a meeting for her with detectives – and said Jessica was "traumatized" by what had happened.

Now, two years later, Jessica and Shelly say their lives have been destroyed by the alleged assault.

Shelly said she is living virtually penniless and suffering from crippling depression and other health problems.

Both say they are extremely disappointed with the police investigation and the DA Jackie Lacey's decision not to prosecute.

Shelly said she felt "screwed" over by everyone including the authorities.

"It was very disappointing because they made it sound like I was just out for money.

"It's not about the money. It's about being respected and treated like a person instead of like an object you can just hurt and use and abuse, any way you want to.

"I'm sick of being treated that way, my whole freaking life. And it's got to stop. I've got to find a reason to live in this world.

"When I met him, I was so suicidal. I literally was about to hang myself and he helped me and I wanted to help him, but he ended up screwing me.

"And now what choice do I have? I've been made invisible by this whole thing and I don't want to be invisible. I want to be seen and heard."

Referring to how Matt left the show and has rarely been seen for the past two years, Shelly added: "He knows what he's done. Why would he hide? And why would he give up being with his family and being part of their whole deal if he wasn't hiding?

"He said he's been in recovery, but I don't really believe it. He gets this nice fancy treatment center after I get raped and what happens to me?

"That's just doesn't seem right after what he did….I'm really sad and I'm depressed every f**king day. I can't keep up with my depression."

In a recent Instagram post, Matt wrote he's been in treatment for two years to deal with the "negative feelings and events" of his past.

He wrote: "Two years ago today, I walked in the front doors of Betty Ford, completely broken.

"Slowly one day at a time, they helped me build myself back. It wasn't just about getting me back on the road again, for me it was mostly about processing, addressing and dealing with the negative feelings and events of my past, that I just couldn't get over.

"Now I'm so happy to tell you, my life is wonderful! I found happiness. It's still one day at a time, and I still have my days, but it's so much easier now, now that I have tools, now that I understand how to better understand myself."

Meanwhile, Jessica said that since the alleged assault she barely sleeps, jumps at every noise – and in the months after the ordeal barely took care of herself, even stopping showering and brushing her teeth.

She also told how difficult it was to see Matt posting on social media and telling the world how happy he is.

She said: “It's so, so hard. You get to the point where you think ‘I'd rather die than see this s**t anymore’…

“He’s getting a peace that Shelly and I are never going to have…

"It will never go away for us.”

LAPD said: "Both cases were investigated in 2018 and presented to the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office, who declined to prosecute."

A spokesperson for the Discovery Channel, which airs Alaskan Bush People, said in a statement: "Discovery Channel was approached several years ago regarding the allegations, finding them disturbing and very serious.

"We agreed the local authorities should be contacted immediately. Due to the nature of the accusations we felt that all cooperation would be most appropriately handled by law enforcement.”

The Sun has reached out to the Los Angeles County District Attorney's office but is yet to receive a reply.

The Sun made multiple attempts to contact Matt Brown without success – and has also reached out to Gabe and Bear Brown for comment.

Jessica and Shelly did not receive payment for their interviews.

RAINN's National Sexual Assault Hotline is available 24/7 in the US on 1 (800) 656-4673 for anybody affected by rape or sexual assault.

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