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MARRIED At First Sight UK has reached its dramatic conclusion- delivering shocking moments over nine drama-filled weeks.

The 12 original couples, who met for the first time at the altar, were slowly but surely whittled down through the gruelling process.

Here is where their relationships currently stand.

Nathanial Valentino and Ella Morgan – SPLIT

The couple, which included the first trans contestant, split shortly after their second commitment ceremony.

Nathanial Valentine, who identifies as Pansexual, spoke out and slammed trans bride Ella Morgan.

Nathanial said: "Pretty much from the start it was a complete sham.



Bianca faces Ella over ‘affair’ with JJ on Married At First Sight

"I told producers that I wanted to marry a man, or a woman with a very masculine energy, because that’s normally who I go for."

It transpired on the show that Ella cheated on Nathanial with another groom in the series, John Joe Slater.

The new couple gave it a good go but, ultimately, called it a day at their vow renewals.

JJ said: "In these past few days I have been forced to ask myself if you are the right woman for me, and if I am the right man for you. I think you are amazing, but as things stand I believe becoming friends is the healthiest thing for both of us. You are truly an inspirational person and will always hold a special place in my heart. I hope we can always remain in each others' lives for many years to come."

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Ella told him: "We shouldn't have to change each other. I also have needs and wants and shouldn't have to settle because someone accepts my transition. You are so special to me and I wanted it to be you but it isn't right now. I'll never forget you and what you've done for me."

Shona Manderson and Brad Skelly – SPLIT

Shona and Brad decided to leave the show during last week's commitment ceremony after he admitted his behaviour could be seen as "controlling".

Although on screen the couple vowed to continue to work on their relationship away from the cameras, teacher Shona later took to Instagram to paint a very different picture over tattoo artist Brad's behaviour and the decision by bosses to kick him off.

Posting a picture of them on the show before they left, describing it as "the ultimate low", she wrote: "The last straw with Bradley’s behaviour meant we were told we had to leave and our relationship was too unhealthy.

"Bradley agreed he couldn’t be in the experiment anymore because he was struggling mentally and I was overcome with emotion.

"I hated that it had come to this, my head was all over the place and foolishly wanted to stay and try and get help from the experts."

However, in a massive twist Shona revealed she had found love with Mafs hunk Matt Pilmoor in the months since the show aired.

Terrence Edwards and Porscha Pernnelle – SPLIT

Porscha and Terrence appeared to be going strong before cracks began to emerge.

Porscha, 36, found herself embroiled in the centre of drama on the E4 dating programme and found herself clashing with both her own husband and other members of the group.

In a shocking revelation, Luke Worley and Jay Howard confirmed to the group that Porscha had found herself enjoying some extra kissing action outside of her marriage at a party that took place off-screen.

During a game of spin the bottle, her co-stars said that she had kissed four other men whilst Terrence, 40, was in bed at their apartment.

She also launched a blistering attack on her former husband as she insisted that he had been cheating on her with 'multiple women'.

"I kid you not, and I've got the receipts – I will show you. I'll get my phone and show you the DMs I've been getting."

"He's got another girlfriend now, basically he never planned to stay.. this was all to promote his DJ business," she added. 

Groom Terence revealed that Porscha had "cut up his clothes" and "smashed two of his designer watches" during a heated argument.

Luke Worley and Jay Howard – SPLIT

Fan favourite couple Luke and Jay looked destined to be together forever – but they fell apart at the final hurdle.

Luke and Jay, 31, were one of the most popular couples in the experiment, hitting it off from the moment they laid eyes on one another.

However, after a raunchy honeymoon period things slowly cooled off and they ended the show in the friend zone.

Last night, she explained: "Luke basically said like that we are better off just being friends.

"I asked him what he wanted and he couldn't answer the question. 

"I would have preferred to try and make it work. I still have feelings for him but it is what it is."

The former couple were forced to leave the show early after Luke punched personal trainer Jordan Gayle in explosive scenes.

Paul Liba and Tasha Jay – UNKNOWN

Tasha Jay was branded a 'mean girl' by Mafs UK fans following a row with Erica.

But it looks like we could be getting the fairytale we’ve been hoping for, as Paul dropped a major clue that the couple are still together. 

The couple also still follow each other on Instagram, and have left some cute comments under each other's posts.

Although the pair have stayed quiet on her relationship status after filming between February and July, they have been complimentary about their experience on the show.

Paul wrote in an Instagram post: “The decision to participate in ‘Marriage at First Sight’ was not one taken lightly but resulted in embarking on a journey that has forever changed the course of my life".

By the sounds of that, it looks like Tasha and Paul had a successful marriage.

Thomas Kriaras and Rosaline Darlington – SPLIT

The TV couple suffered a rocky start to their marriage with lots of tears and awkward moments in front of the relationship experts.

Rosaline admitted early on that she wasn't attracted to Thomas, which put a strain on their relationship.

They later consummated the marriage to see if it made a difference for the florist, but she confessed her feelings were the same.

Though things did improve, when they returned to the real world it all proved too much for Rozz.

She explained: "I think coming back to reality and popping the MAFS bubble was so hard.

"I think all of my insecurities were bare and I really couldn’t face the thought of filming, the camera crew, poor Thomas.

"I was so fragile, I felt broken, I was exhausted and truly wanted to go and hide under a rock. I was scared, triggered and overwhelmed with life.

"At this point did I realise being home I couldn’t and wouldn’t not carry on being honest with Tom… I thought being home would give me comfort when really all I was faced with was betrayal, abandonment and lack of trust from my previous relationship and no matter what I couldn’t shake it off."

Georges Bert and Peggy Rose – TOGETHER

Peggy and Georges had been getting on well until she broke down in tears and revealed he had been hard to live with.

The 32-year-old said her husband needed constant guidance and reassurance in their relationship and the pressure was taking its toll.

During an emotional commitment ceremony she told the expertsPaul and Charlene about Georges behaviour: "It has had a negative impact.

"I've come into this process wanting someone to support me for once and I feel like I'm always trying to reassure Georges that he's a good person and advise him on his actions that they can be perceived negatively.

"Like (telling him) say it like this, not this."

Turning to her husband, Peggy added: "I feel like I'm talking to you but you're not digesting it.

But while the pair “had a strong attraction to one another from the off,” it has been far from plain sailing for the newlyweds on the series.

The French hunk said he wanted to walk away from filming when he and Peggy butted heads.

However, there was a happy ending. Georges won over Peggy's picky family and the couple both said yes at the final ceremony.

Arthur Poremba and Laura Vaughan – SPLIT

Arthur Poremba has confirmed his marriage to Laura Vaughan is over.

Fans watched as the couple tie the knot during the current series.

But it appears it ended in heartbreak as Arthur was seen snogging a mystery woman as he celebrated his birthday over the weekend.

The MailOnline reports that Arthur and the woman "spent the entire night together" as he marked his 35th birthday with some of his MAFS UK co-stars.

The likes of JJ Slater, Jay Howard, Luke Worley and Peggy Rose were in attendance.

However Laura was noticeably absent from the night out.

JJ Slater and Bianca Petronzi- SPLIT

This series of MAFS UK has been filled with drama, including the moment JJ's bride Bianca discovered he and Ella Morgan Clark had been flirting and meeting up – despite Ella's show marriage to Nathanial Valentino.

JJ and Bianca entered much later – but JJ made it clear that he didn't fancy his wife.

JJ and Ella met up behind Nathaniel and Bianca's back, and the rest of the cast have since found out about what they've been up to.

Bianca later savaged JJ as she accused him of 'thinking with his d**k' for kissing Ella.

Erica Roberts and Jordan Gayle – TOGETHER

Erica was matched with Jack Grealish lookalike Jordan Gayle by the experts on the show and their romance went exceptionally well.

Having been happy with each other since the wedding day, Erica has done her best to defend hers and Jordan's marriage amid doubts and concerns from her co-stars.

Hubby Jordan was punched by co-star Luke Worley as part of a shock outburst that saw Luke leave the experiment.

Erica shared pictures of the couple together after last night's final show and wrote "Life after Mafs" confirming they're still an item.

Matt Pilmoor and Adrienne Naylor – SPLIT

Adrienne Naylor, 27, and Matt Pilmoor, 29, gatecrashed the experiment halfway through the series.

The Sun has since revealed Matt is dating co-star Shona – from Nottingham.

A source told The Sunshe was dating the window cleaner, saying: “They were chilling together in Starbucks and looked very relaxed in each other’s company.

“They even brought their pet dog along. They must have been together for a while because they were hardly dressed to impress.

“I’m a big fan of the show so I couldn’t believe it when they strolled in together because Matt’s only just joined the show.

“I’m really disappointed I saw them to be honest because there’s still a month or so to go – and now I know his marriage to Adrienne won’t last.

“But I wish them all the best and hopefully they both fare better in the real world than they did on the show.”

Sean Malkin and Mark Kiley – UNKNOWN

The pair were the final couple in the experiment to tie the knot.

The fashion-loving grooms suffered a meltdown on their wedding day after Mark brought the wrong shirt with him.

Mark also lied about his age, telling Sean, 31, that he was 26-years-old, instead of his real age of 36.

He said he lied because he "is not where I thought I'd be at 36."

The pair have kept quiet and not revealed if they are still together even now the show has come to an end.

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