Amy Childs poses for naked baby bump pictures as pregnant Towie star makes huge decision about family | The Sun

PREGNANT Amy Childs poses as you've never seen her before in The Sun's exclusive photos before she gives birth to twins.

The glowing reality star cradles her naked baby bump and tells us she's made a huge family decision ahead of the birth.

She is mum to a daughter, Polly, five, and a son, Ritchie, four, and is expecting a boy and a girl in April.

Asked if she'd add to her brood again after the twins arrrive, she says: “I love big families, but I think four is ideal. Two boys, two girls."

Amy, 32, is delighted with her once-in-a-lifetime photos, and adds: “I’ve never had shots like this. I thought: ‘ I’m going to go for it.’

“So, I’ve gone for it, and I was really happy with them. I’ll look back in time and think: ‘Do you know what, that was so lovely.’”


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Amy Childs prepared to get mum-shamed after big decision about her twins

The TV legend is getting ready to film a new series of Towie, all while growing “bigger by the day” after becoming pregnant with her boyfriend, Essex businessman Billy Delbosq.

“I'm getting bigger. I'm 26 weeks now, and with twins, you get big. I start filming Towie next week, I feel like I just don’t stop!” Amy laughs.

She says Billy wanted to have kids as soon as they fell in love two years ago, and it was her who needed a bit of convincing at first.

“Bill hasn’t got children, he’s 40 this year. He’s always wanted to be a dad, but obviously, he’s never met the right person," the 32-year-old tells The Sun.

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“Me having the two kids, Polly and Ritch, I was a bit like: 'Mmm. I would have been really happy to stay at two…’ But meeting Bill, I thought: 'Do you know what, I will see.'"

But any hesitation is long gone after seeing him with her two, as she adds: “Bill is going to be so hands-on, he will be an amazing dad.

"He’s took on my kids and he’s been amazing. He really is good, so I’m lucky there.”

The gym owner and builder is also ready to face his fear if he joins her in the labour room.

Amy adds with a giggle: “Bill doesn’t like blood! I don’t know where we’re going to get with Bill. He’s my main worry. I’ll let you know after the birth!”

The star is having a boy and a girl, and has enjoyed her third pregnancy aside from a bit of nausea.

And someone even more excited about her precious cargo is her beloved Polly, five.

"She’s told all of the teachers at school, all of her friends. She knew at 11 weeks and every morning she wakes up and says: 'Mum, when are they coming?' She talks to the babies like, 'How are you feeling?' It's really cute."

Polly and Ritchie, who is four, will welcome their baby sister and brother into the world in April or even sooner, as twins can be born up to four weeks early.

And though Amy wants to give birth naturally she is ready to put her trust in the doctors who are keeping a close eye on her every two weeks.

However, enlisting the help of a private midwife who is a mum to twins was a no brainer for her.

She says: “I had a private midwife with Polly and Ritch. They come round and check you and that was a major help for me. I’ve got another girl I’ve researched; I’ve met her a few times.

"She’ll probably come in about three weeks’ time when I’m just getting my birth plan sorted.”

The beautician, who famously applied crystals to pal Sam Faiers' intimate area in the early days of Towie, admits there are no more vajazzles in her near future, and she adds with her infectious laugh: “No, I’m not glam now. Bill, what he got, vs what he got now is very different!

“I’m literally living in my dressing gown.”

Amy adds she loves walking around with the three of them together, it’s such a wonderful feeling.

“Your body is so amazing creating two little humans, we feel very blessed.

“We are looking at it like a blessing. Of course, it will be hard work; but I’ve done it before.

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“I’ve got two kids, Polly and Rich – those amazing babies. I just really hope that we’ve got good kids and good babies because if you’ve got good babies, you’re halfway there.

“Bill isn’t going to know what’s hit him! And the best thing he said to me – he went to me the other day: 'You know, we’ll have the twins, and if you want to go again, we’ll just go again.'"

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