Ana de Armas Finds It Easy to Develop Chemistry With Chris Evans in Ghosted

The ‘Blonde’ actress explains her onscreen chemistry with the ‘Captain Marvel’ actor in their latest film, claiming their bond started on the set of ‘Knives Out’.

AceShowbizAna de Armas quickly became friends with Chris Evans when they met on the set of “Knives Out“. The pair team up in their third movie together in “Ghosted” and the “Blonde” star finds it easy to maintain onscreen chemistry with her co-star as they have a genuine friendship.

“We genuinely liked each other and we’re just very easygoing people, both of us, and we’re just very transparent. It’s not a relationship that you have to work hard to maintain. The friendship is there. It’s like chemistry onscreen, it’s there or it’s not,” Ana told The Hollywood Reporter at the New York City premiere of “Ghosted” on Tuesday, April 18.

The pair feature as romantic interests in Dexter Fletcher’s film and Ana suggested it was one of the main reasons she signed up for the Apple TV+ flick. The 34-year-old actress said, “That’s why I also wanted to do this movie, because that kind of dynamic, we’ve never had on the screen and I wanted to enjoy that with Chris, not only in real life but also on film.”

The movie tells the story of Cole (Evans) as he falls for Sadie (de Armas) but is seemingly ghosted when he tries to get a second date. When he sets out to find her, he learns that Sadie is a secret agent and the pair go on an adventure to save the world and Ana believes that both of the lead characters in the film can be considered “heroes.”

The “No Time to Die” actress said, “I think in a way, we’re both kind of heroes in the movie; I think Sadie is the hero in the sense of all the action and saving the day and being the super spy, but I think he’s the hero in the sense of being a super romantic person who would do anything for love.”

“They’re both trying to balance each other and they’re so much, both of them, out of their comfort zone that that’s why I think they complement each other and find love in each other.”

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