BBC Strictlys Ellie and Vito have intense and passionate connection as theyre tipped to win

Ellie Leach will be making it to the Strictly Come Dancing final says body language expert Darren Stanton, who has spotted an "intense" connection between the Coronation Street actress and professional dancer Vito Coppola.

The pair, who have sparked romance rumours due to their undeniable chemistry, are currently one of the favourites to take home the coveted Glitterball Trophy.

And now body language expert Darren Stanton has revealed that the pair are almost certain to make it to the final as their connection continues to strengthen and grow.

Speaking on behalf of Betfair Roulette, Darren said: "Ellie and Vito have really pulled through and we’ve seen a huge amount of growth. They have a very strong connection, and it does continue to grow between them."

He continued: "From seeing them this week, it's clear they will be in the final with Nigel and Katya. They mirror each other's movements, have a strong trust in one another and they keep improving as a dancing couple.

"They're continuing to impress the judges and their compatibility continues to strengthen every time.

"When they received comments from the judges, Ellie had genuine smiles and showed her support for Vito by being tactile, which proves they have an intense and passionate connection."

Darren has also shared that he predicts Nigel Harman and Katya Jones will also been making it to the final, as he explained: "Nigel and Katya still seem to be very in sync with one another and have an unstoppable attitude in every routine.

"I can tell they are aware of how good they are now, which will only make them more confident in themselves. They are really excelling in the competition.

"When you look at the pair taking in their feedback, Katya's face is full of pride and joy, revealing how content she is with Nigel.

"They mirror each other's movements perfectly and they never fail to demonstrate how well they work together. These two are at an all-time high, and it would take a lot for them to fall behind now."

It comes after Sunday night's results show saw former Emmerdale actor Adam Thomas become the sixth celebrity to be booted from this year's Strictly.

However, according to Darren, the soap star was "ready to leave" after "putting his all into the show." He explained: "Adam was enthusiastic about Strictly from the very beginning, but I do think he was ready to leave.

"He put his all into the show, and it was just his time. He came across as very authentic and passionate to learn the ropes. He is as humble as one could be in such a demanding show.

"Just from looking at his body language, his shoulders were down as his name was announced, and that tells me he wasn't devastated.

"There was sadness about his journey ending, but I can tell he felt relaxed and calm about it being their time. He was very gracious and showed nothing but respect to Luba and the judges the whole way through."

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