Ben kills Phil after will discovery in EastEnders?

Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) has had the perfect motive set up to kill his dad Phil (Steve McFadden) when the hard man is brutally attacked and left for dead at the end of the month in EastEnders. As Phil surreptitiously changes his will to cut Ben out of receiving anything and replacing him with Keanu Taylor (Danny Walters), it can only be a matter of time before Ben finds out the truth. And he won’t be happy.

Phil met up with his solicitor Ritchie to set the ball rolling on having Ben taken out of the will, due to his son’s drunken behaviour. Constantly trying to win his dad’s approval, discovering that Keanu has taken his place in the will is bound to be crushing for Ben.

He had already been plotting to bring his dad down due to their past but this could tip him over the edge. A trailer recently confirmed reports that Phil will be left for dead by an enemy and rushed to hospital. It remains to be seen whether Phil will pull through but, after almost having Billy (Perry Fenwick) killed, Ben has proven that he is more than capable of taking that extra step.

The self loathing character has huge self esteem issues due to his dad and will be knocked by what it means to be removed from the will. Could Phil have made his final mistake by issuing this pointed rejection of his son?

Or is someone else set to take the ultimate revenge on Phil?

The trailer also showed new scenes between Ben and Callum Highway (Tony Clay), who he has deep feelings for. Could Callum be the one to stop Ben doing something he may regret for the rest of his life?

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