Ben Shephard makes Love IslandMatt Hancock jibe as Kate Garraway ‘gets a text’

Ben Shephard's timing was on point on Friday's Good Morning Britain.

He delivered a hilarious joke about Matt Hancock after pictures emerged of him allegedly snogging a millionaire aide in his office.

The Tipping Point host, 46, and co-star Kate Garraway, 54, had just finished quizzing MP Grant Shapps about the married Health Secretary being captured in a steamy embrace with Gina Coladangelo.

After the interview, cheeky Ben couldn't resist landing a joke about Prime Minister Boris Johnson's work colleague.

Moving on to the subject of Love Island, Kate muttered the iconic sentence: "I've got a text," as her phone chimed.

Quick-witted Ben, was quick to jibe: "Matt Hancock?" as she received the message – which caused an eruption of laughter in the studio.

In the interview with Conservative Party member Grant Shapps, Kate explained that GMB had taken the stance not to specifically mention claims about Matt Hancock, however she still wanted answers for viewers.

Treading carefully, Kate asked Mr Shapps if he'd had "any contact with" Health Secretary since the news broke.

Mr Shapps replied: ""As you rightly say, it is a personal matter, people have personal relations and it's not my job to comment on their personal life, the job I am interested in is the job done as Health Secretary."

He then went on to praise the vaccination programme.

"This is what the Health Secretary is responsible for, I can answer for those things, but his private life…" he added.

Kate hit back: "I wouldn't ask you to answer for his private life, obviously, that is for Mr Hancock to if he feels he wants to and is in a position to.

"But he is the Health Secretary, and it's not just personal is it? Because there are implications of rules being broke, there are implications of distraction, if he is doing his job, and the turmoil and the trust it creates.

"Yesterday we were talking about how the Queen had empathy for him, and was commenting on his ability to do the job in a rather rosy light, today this.

"Do you have some personal sympathy for him if nothing else?"

The Travel Secretary responded: "Look, he has obviously been working incredibly hard and we have seen the results in things like the vaccination programme…. the Health Secretary and his team have been working very hard."

The TV star continued to probe, asking: "Do you have any idea where the story came from? Were you aware of suggestions like this?"

Mr Shaaps explained: "I was not. It's news to me," before he hailed Matt for doing a "terrific job" in government during the Covid-19 pandemic.

He also told Kate the situation was not for "somebody to comment on".

The Sun reports that a whistleblower has accused the Health Secretary of cheating on his wife of 15 years, Martha Hoyer Millar, during the Covid-19 pandemic.

A friend of the Health Secretary told The Mirror: "He has no comment on personal matters. No rules have been broken."

Daily Star has contacted the Department of Health and Social Care for comment on the allegations.

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