Big Brother 2022 updates LIVE — Paloma Aguilar LEAVES house just one day before first live eviction | The Sun

BIG Brother is always full of surprises and the first eviction night did not disappoint as one houseguest was confirmed to have left the show.

Paloma Aguilar made the decision to leave the Big Brother house after experiencing insomnia and anxiety, which accounts for her sudden disappearance from the home's hidden cameras and deactivated live feeds.

Head of Household Daniel Durston appeared distressed as he broke the news of Paloma's departure. The remainder of the players started crying after hearing the announcement.

Before host Julie Chen Moonves informed the season 24 cast that Paloma's departure meant that none of the five players eligible for eviction would be sent home, Monte Massongill led the group in an emotional prayer as they cried.

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  • Amanda Castro

    Effects of Paloma’s exit

    Julie announced on Thursday’s episode that Paloma’s departure meant that instead of five players up for eviction, everything changed.

    She revealed that the Backstage twist would have resulted in a battle between one of the backstage pass holders and someone chosen by the house – sending the loser of the competition home immediately.

    “The backstage pass was planned to send one houseguest home tonight,” Julie says.

    Alyssa, Brittany, Taylor, and Terrance were declared safe and no one went home during the live eviction episode.

  • Amanda Castro

    Julie speaks on Taylor hate

    Host Julie Chen Moonves shared her response to the backlash against the houseguests’ treatment of contestant Taylor Hale in an interview with Us.

    “I am not obsessed with the live feeds, so I haven’t seen every single thing that people are talking about,” Julie said of the drama.

    “I can say that if you were to talk to Taylor, I’m not so sure she would feel what everyone is saying, because a lot of things have happened behind her back, which is classic Big Brother.”

  • Amanda Castro

    Fans slam the show’s ‘disgusting behavior’

    Twitter users are vowing to boycott the rest of the show’s season if production doesn’t do anything about the “disgusting behavior” towards Taylor Hale.

    Strong alliances and cliques have formed, making others feel left out.

    After hearing that she was a former beauty queen, the houseguests slammed her for how she walked and her fancy outfits.

    Avid Big Brother fans have claimed that they’ve seen Taylor being bullied on the 24/7 life feeds.

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