Blanket Jackson Steps Into Spotlight with YouTube Movie Reviews Alongside Brother Prince

The brothers, with cousin Taj Jackson, tackle “Avengers: Endgame” in an extensive review video as they look to establish their own YouTube channel.

It looks like Michael Jackson’s youngest son Blanket is ready to step directly into the limelight, as he’s co-hosting a new movie review venture with brother Prince on YouTube.

The elder Jackson announced the venture via his Instagram page just days after graduating from Loyola Marymount University. Blanket, who has shied from the public eye over the years, was featured in some of his graduation pictures, as well as a group shot of the brothers attending a screening of "Avengers: Endgame" last month.

It looks like they were just preparing their fans for the full Blanket experience. If this new venture takes off, we won’t be talking about the elusive Blanket as we’ll be seeing him on a regular basis. Perhaps not ironically, "Avengers: Endgame" is the first film the brothers decided to review, after a delay cost them timeliness on tackling "Us."

In their inaugural video, the freshly-minted graduate and Blanket flank their regular co-host and cousin, Taj Jackson, as well as special guest James Sutherland. Already, their 44-minute video has been viewed more than 20,000. And the vast majority of of the comments section is dominated by fans excited to see and hear Blanket.

Oh, and fans might have to start getting used to referring to him by a different moniker, too.

In the video description, he’s referred to as Bigi, and that seems to be what family and friends are calling him as they shower him with support.

It’s clear from the outset that this is a project of passion. And while Taj, who is 45 years old, acts as the lead host, it’s evident right away just how passionate Bigi is about this project. He starts in immediately with conviction and excitement, ready to break down the individual characters and really talk about the film, only faltering when the pizza arrives.

Basically, Bigi dominated the entirety of this first episode as much as his very presence in it dominated the comments of both the video and Prince’s Instagram page. On top of that, the guys had good insight on the film and really spoke with knowledge and understanding.

The group is looking for comments and direction as they continue to develop the show and try to get their process more streamlined. They plan to cover television and movie reviews, with new episodes coming out weekly. And they eventually plan to land on their own YouTube channel.

In other words, no more searching in the backgrounds of Jackson family pictures to catch a glimpse of Bigi (nee Blanket), and no more wondering about who he is and what he cares about, as the 17-year-old is putting it all out there. It was great seeing the passion on display from everyone, and it’ll certainly be interesting to follow along and see how far they take this idea.

You can check out Prince’s introduction to the proposed review channel below:

We are very excited to announce that we are starting a movie review channel. Right now you can go see our first ever video on my YouTube channel (link in bio) we know that this is a very rough first video but we want to take you on the journey with us as we improve and develop the show. As usual all input is welcome here or in the YouTube comments. Expect more to come y’all ✌?✌?✌??? #avengersendgame Edit: Will be making an actual channel dedicated to series stay tuned

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