Boy George left Im A Celeb bosses panicked as he threatened to quit

I'm A Celeb: Lorraine discusses Boy George's tantrum

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On Monday morning’s instalment of Lorraine, the ITV host spoke to Rishi Davda about the latest dramas from the I’m A Celebrity jungle. Following the exit of property expert Scarlette Douglas, there are now only nine stars left in camp. Although that number was almost smaller following Boy George’s threats to quit the show.

Since I’m A Celebrity returned to TV screens two weeks ago, fans have watched as 11 well-known faces get to know one another as they live in the Australian jungle.

Although it hasn’t been completely smooth sailing as tensions started to rise early on with Boy George frustrated over Charlene White’s control in the kitchen.

His emotions were escalated when MP Matt Hancock entered the camp and has since confessed has found his presence difficult.

However, it appears a recent incident which wasn’t shown on the show was almost the final straw for the 80s star who threatened to quit the show.

Rishi informed viewers this was due to him watching Coronation Street star Sue Cleaver ride one back due to her special condition.

After seeing his fellow campmate hitch a ride back to camp, Boy George decided he wanted one too although production told him he wasn’t allowed.

Rishi added: “He was told no and wasn’t very happy. Apparently, he stole an apple and hid behind some trees so that he couldn’t be filmed.

“I mean, who hasn’t done that in the past at some stage?!”

Laughing, Lorraine replied: “Oh for goodness sake the cameras are everywhere! They’re absolutely everywhere, there is no hiding place.”

Rishi replied: “Well producers were worried when he threatened to quit, so had to try and talk him down.”

Although he informed viewers that things seem to be okay now as Boy George has remained in the jungle.

Last week, fans watched as he opened up to Matt on how he’s struggling with his presence in the camp.

After speaking to comedian Seann Walsh about the MP, Matt unknowingly joined them in their conversation where Boy George decided to be honest with his feelings.

He confessed: “I just feel everyone’s trying to be too nice. It’s getting on my t**s. I don’t want arguments… I’m just like come on guys, have a laugh.

“I’ll be honest with you, I think your presence has made everyone very compliant.

“I have been hating on you, I have to be honest. I sometimes feel like you don’t say what you mean and you’re not particularly direct.”

Although Matt seemed to appreciate Boy George’s directness as he admitted he was fond of him.
I’m A Celebrity continues weekdays on ITV from 9pm.

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