Bradley Walsh slams The Chase contestant after awkward blunder: ‘Cut that out!’

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Bradley Walsh, 60, was on hand to help another four The Chase contestants get their hands on a grand jackpot prize. First, they needed to defeat quiz master and The Sinnerman star Paul Sinha, 50, which was no easy challenge. Wendy was one player who seemed to be a worthy opponent for The Chaser as she accumulated an impressive £8,000 during the cash builder round. However, it was her head-to-head with the general knowledge guru which led the ITV gameshow host to expose her rather awkward blunder.

In the midst of their head-to-head round, both the contestant and Paul were asked: “Titan is a term used to describe what colour hair?”

The options they had to choose from for their answers were blonde, black and auburn, with the quizzing amateur locking down option C.

“You’ve got auburn hair, haven’t you?” Bradley asked the gameshow participant, taking an interest in her appearance.

Wendy replied: “It’s out of a bottle, mind you,” but this wasn’t quite the response the presenter was hoping for.

“We’ll cut that bit out,” he told her, going on to ask the question again to try and rectify the blunder.


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The contestant caught on to what the host wanted and replied: “Yes, I do Bradley,” before he carried on with the rest of the game.

By the end of her head-to-head round, Wendy had managed to defeat The Sinnerman and became the first player to make it back for the Final Chase.

Following her efforts, it was wannabe professor Alfred who took on Paul next, accumulating £4,000 during his cash builder round.

Again, he too managed to make it back alongside his teammate, brining the jackpot up to an impressive £12,000.

We’ll cut that bit out

Bradley Walsh

This frustrated The Chaser as he told Bradley he was “annoyed” two great contestants had managed to slip through his hands.

Finally, it was Frances who took the hot seat to try and add yet more cash to the bank, with the player following in the footsteps of her teammates.

After taking on The Sinnerman, she made it back for the Final Chase with £5,000, bringing Monday’s total to a staggering £17,000.

With the pressure on, the trio managed to put their heads together and gained 18 points between their money and Paul.

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They were hoping this would be enough to topple the quizmaster, who had only managed to knock out one of his opponents.

However, Paul brought his A-game for the Final Chase and matched the contestants’ efforts with just eight seconds to spare.

Although they were disappointed, The Sinnerman star explained he believed they should have won Monday’s show.

“In many ways, you didn’t deserve to lose,” he told the trio, going on to add it was “unlucky,” but they played “really well”.


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Taking to social media, viewers commented on the result, with one writing on Twitter: “That was close. They were a good bunch I must say #TheChase.”

A second added: “The team did better than I thought #TheChase.”

“Caught with 8 to spare #thechase,” third posted in astonishment at how close the contestants were to winning.

“Alfred was too quick with some wrong answers for Wendy and Frances to get in with the right answer – slowly!…. #thechase,” a fourth shared.

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV.

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