Britain's Got Talent in new Ofcom row as 892 complain after comic 'mocks racists' and Amanda Holden wears raunchy dress

BRITAIN'S Got Talent has been hit with a staggering 892 Ofcom complaints after its episode this weekend.

The show received 733 objections over comic Nabil Abdulrashid's jokes, with another 136 relating to Amanda Holden's outfit, The Sun Online can reveal.

The remaining 23 complaints made to the TV watchdog about the show covered a variety of other subjects.

Amanda sparked controversy the previous week after wearing a dress that some viewers said they could see her nipples in.

And, defiant as ever, she wore another racy gown on Saturday's show that one viewer compared to lingerie.

Nabil meanwhile made it through to the final of the ITV talent show after a set where he joked about white people mistaking him for rapper Big Narstie.

He said: "People watching will think that it's another of one of those Black Lives Matter guys doing jokes about stop and search.

"No, it's a joke about being fat. Big Nastie and I are both fat, we just both happen to be black too. Don't throw in the race card guys!"

He also joked if he won the £250,000 BGT prize he'd spend the money on the African kids he sponsors – because they're his kids.

His set left many viewer howling at home but others slammed said the set was too controversial for the show.

One said: "Alesha calling him 'brave' for tackling racism. So brave to talk about a subject that's been politicised & rammed down our throats for months by every media outlet and corporation."

Another fumed: "F*****g disgrace that was even shown. If that wasn’t racism I don’t know what was."

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