Bunty Windermere isnt in the new series of Father Brown

Father Brown: Trailer for series nine

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Father Brown season 10 started recently with instalments airing weekly on Fridays on BBC One at 1.45pm. The entire series is also available as a boxset on the BBC iPlayer for those who prefer to binge the series. Many fans are keen to know more about the cast shake-ups in the new series.

Why did Emer Kenny leave Father Brown as Bunty Windermere?

Season 10 hit screens without Sorcha Cusack as Mrs McCarthy, who was previously Father Brown’s (Mark Williams) crime-solving sidekick.

Also, missing from proceedings was Jack Deam as police officer Inspector Mallory.

The third face no longer in the show was actress Emer Kenny as Penelope ‘Bunty’ Windermere.

Father Brown actor John Burton – better known as Sergeant Daniel Goodfellow – addressed the absent cast members following fan queries.

Taking to Twitter, he told his 6,000 followers, he said: “A lot of you will have heard various things about the new series of Father Brown, so to put the record straight – please see below.

“Have a fabulous Christmas with your friends and family this year. Much love to you all.”

Star Burton followed this up with a lengthy message in which he said: “Occasionally long running shows need to be refreshed due to artists availability, so it means we do have some absentees this year, with a few long-term artists moving onto other projects for their own career progression.

“This is part of an actor’s life, and we must go where the work takes us.

“Yes, there are some changes – but they are brilliant changes, and I truly believe you will absolutely LOVE the new/returning characters.

“They will grow on you & they have truly breathed new life into the show.”

He went on to speak about the new characters joining the show, saying they “create a new dynamic” and promised fans wouldn’t be disappointed.

Burton concluded: “Father Brown continues to go from strength to strength, yes we’ve made some changes – but they are changes you’ll embrace, and I’m sure the new characters will soon become your favourites, as they are BRILLIANT.”

From Burton’s words, it seems to be a combination of cast availability and revamping the show for season 10.

Actress Kenny was part of Father Brown from 2017 to 2022 as the niece of Lady Felicia Montague (Nancy Carroll).

Wayward Bunty was sent to live with Mrs McCathy and Father Brown after she was forced to leave London following a scandalous affair with a married man.

Speaking about Bunty’s appeal, Kenny said: “Bunty will always pick the most exciting, slightly dangerous option, especially if it will annoy her parents.

“At the same time she has got great morals and a lot of heart, which is what she has found with Father Brown and Mrs M. They’ve become a new family for her.”

She went on to comment on Bunty’s extensive wardrobe: “She often dresses by theme.

“We have ‘Hunty Bunty’ where she wears tweed and boots – her horse-riding in the countryside look.

“Then she has a ‘Sporty Bunty’ look which is more tomboyish, with trousers, sweaters, stripes – often when I’m driving. She also has a whole host of more feminine/glamorous dresses.”

Kenny, 33, has had a number of roles since starring in Father Brown, including Channel 4’s The Curse, ITV crime drama Karen Pirie and The Duchess.

Father Brown season 10 is streaming on the BBC iPlayer now and airs on Fridays on BBC One at 1.45pm

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