Celebrity MasterChef fans go wild as Rylan Clark-Neal makes TV return amid break

Celebrity MasterChef fans were delighted to see Rylan Clark-Neal back on screens after taking a break.

The Googlebox star had been absent from his Radio 2 show along with other TV gigs after splitting from his husband Dan Neal.

Rylan appeared on the cooking competition alongside host John Torode's wife Lisa Faulkner and Greg Rutherford – who were the official judges in the dinning room.

Twitter completely erupted with praise as delighted fans took to their keyboard to chime their glee.

"So nice to see @Rylan back on the box! #CelebrityMasterChef," read one message.

"Lovely to have Rylan back on TV #CelebrityMasterChef," gushed another.

A third added: "@Rylan fabulous watching you on #CelebrityMasterChef you were awesome as always lovely to see your smile xxx."

While a third beamed: "@Rylan aww it was so lovely seeing you back on my TV screen tonight hun! #CelebrityMasterChef now can't wait to tune in for your return to Radio 2 tomorrow!"

The trio of guest judges were particularly blown away by Love Island star Kem Centinay who amazed them with some home cooked Turkish food.

Kem had got off to quite a tough start in the MasterChef and seemed to be the contestant struggling the most – after mixing cream in his mixture to make a soft dough.

Host's John and Greg Wallace were more surprised than anyone that Kem had outperformed everyone else with his cooking skills this time round.

Rylan, Lisa and Greg were all in agreement that Kem's food had been the best and he sailed through to the next round with Paralympic athlete Kadeena Cox.

This meant that TV presenter Gavin Esler was eliminated from the show.

Meanwhile, fans were elated to witness Rylan on screens after Zoe Ball confirmed earlier this week that he would be making a come back to Radio 2 on Saturday 4 September.

Zoe Ball said: "I have some really wonderful news to share with you Radio 2 listeners.

"Our dear friend and station buddy Rylan is gonna be back to his show on BBC Radio 2 on Saturday.

"I know we've all missed him so much, so many of you wonderful listeners have reached out and sent him so much love. But he's gonna be back to his show. Oh I've missed you Rylan. 3pm to 6pm on Saturday."

She added: "He's made of magic that one, so we'll welcome him back with big arms. I might even come in and do that running along the platform thing where you run to give someone a hug, and then run straight past them.

"Rylan back to Radio 2 on Saturday, can't wait buddy."

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