Changing Rooms star still livid at Linda Barker for destroying her teapots

The Changing Rooms teapot disaster is possibly the most iconic moment in the show’s history – but the woman whose life (literally) came crashing down still isn’t over it.

Appearing on the show for a home makeover, Wandsworth residents Clodagh and daughter Julia were left devastated when an innovative hanging shelving unit collapsed – and took their £6,000 prized teapot collection with it.

Interior designer Linda Barker and DIY expert Handy Andy were left horrified when their idea of making the teapot collection take pride of place in the living room literally came tumbling down… but that was nothing compared to the moment they had to break the news to the devastated pair.

Now, as the series is preparing for a reboot on Channel 4, Clodagh has revisited that moment – and she’s still not happy about it.  

Speaking to The Guardian, Clodagh, now 75, said: ‘I still don’t feel very good about her.

‘On the very rare occasions she’s on television now, when I do see her, she’s still very bouncy, and I just don’t think she earned the bounce.’

Linda, whose return to the new version of the series is yet to be confirmed, was recently asked about the disastrous moment on BBC Radio 4.

Having previously admitted the accident still haunts her, Linda laughed off the memory and instead focused on the show’s return.

‘I think it’s fantastic, it’s perfect timing,’ she said. ‘We’re all starting to think about decorating, we’ve all been holed up in our houses for far too long, looking at our walls… And decorating is on many people’s agenda. 

‘I think it’s really thrilling, I’m really excited for the programme.’

Changing Rooms is returning soon to Channel 4.

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