Charlie Stayt shut down by Naga Munchetty as BBC fans slam awkward ABBA chat

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BBC Breakfast fans slammed an 'awkward' interview with an ABBA tribute band on Friday morning, after host Naga Munchetty was forced to shut down her co-presenter Charlie Stayt.

The morning show hosts were speaking to ABBA tribute band ABBA's Angels via video link from Hampshire, about the original band potentially releasing new music.

Things turned slightly awkward, however, as Charlie decided to call out the band on their line-up arrangements, which he deemed incorrect.

Turning to the screen, Charlie said: "It's none of my business guys, but you've got the line-up slightly wrong. Shouldn't we have the two ladies in the front and the two guys at the back? Isn't that how the normal set-up is?"

The band members shared an awkward giggle, as one explained: "See, Charlie gets it! That was my argument too."

"Oh really?" Charlie wondered. "Was there a debate about this?"

Another band member hastily explained: "I think we ran out of microphones to be honest!" while one of the men chuckled: "Apparently I'm better on camera, but that's open for debate!"

Which is when Naga was forced to step in to shut the conversation down, as she said: "Right, I suggest we don't go down that route. It might not go well!"

Fans were left cringing at the exchange, and flocked to Twitter to air their comments on the interview.

  • BBC Breakfast turns awkward as Naga Munchetty clashes with Charlie Stayt in car row

"ABBA tribute interview is awkward as hell! #BBCBreakfast," one chimed in.

Another echoed: "Dear #BBCBreakfast… what fresh hell is this?"

Someone else appeared to be calling out Charlie on social media, writing: "#BBCBreakfast was there really any call for whats-his-name to be quite so rude to that ABBA tribute band you had invited onto the show?"

Another viewer, on the other hand, was left in hysterics at the upbeat interview, posting: "Absolutely loving the ABBA tribute band on #BBCBreakfast this morning! Never laughed so much in ages!"

The band then performed an a cappella rendition of ABBA's iconic hit Dancing Queen, with Charlie telling them: "Well, thank you. I know it's not the easiest thing to sing at ten to eight in the morning, live, so thank you so much!"

Naga later invited weather presenter Sarah Keith-Lucas to come up with an ABBA-based weather pun – with plenty of fans suggesting their own on social media.

"The Weather Takes It All!" someone chimed in, as another suggested: "Pea Souper Trouper!"

BBC Breakfast airs from 6am daily on BBC One.

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