Charlotte Crosby reveals plans to move to Australia after shocking Channel 5 documentary about her plastic surgery

CHARLOTTE Crosby has revealed her plans to move to Australia.

The 30-year-old's revelation comes after she was left heartbroken by Channel 5's shocking documentary Celebrities: What's Happened To Your Face? which aired last week.

The show caused uproar after they claimed she spent £20k to get a ‘plastic face’ and described her as "rubber-lipped Charlotte".

The Geordie Shore star slammed the programme for being “insensitive and immoral” in a lengthy statement on social media the evening that it aired.

Despite being left devastated by some of their harsh words, it hasn't stopped Charlotte from getting excited about future plans – which include moving over 9000 miles away from her hometown of Newcastle.

She recently told Who magazine: "I think I will live in Australia in about 10 to 12 years.

"I have two online businesses that I started about two years ago and I want to get them to the point where I can sell them for a lot of money and I think I'll give myself a 10 year limit for that so it's all based around that."

The telly star knows the country very well as she's filmed The Charlotte Show, Geordie Shore and even starred in the sixth series of the Australian version of I'm a Celebrity too.

The northern lass became a huge hit in the jungle with Aussie viewers and even struck up a romance with Married At First Sight star Ryan Gallagher.

Charlotte has thought long and hard about where she would like to settle down and replied: "Gold Coast! Absolutely bloody gorgeous, can't even think about it because it gets us so excited!"

The Just Tattoo of Us presenter made headlines last week when she hit back at C5 for airing a programme where surgeons criticised her "plastic face" and "duck lips".

Charlotte – who has been very honest in the past about what surgery she has had done – took to Twitter to express her shock and upset, declaring that “enough is enough”.

In an impassioned post, she wrote: “I cannot quite believe I am saying this but here goes. Last night, Channel 5 & Crackit Productions put out a one-hour documentary called ‘Celebrities – What Happened To Your Face – Charlotte Crosby. 

“In 2021 a main UK channel & production company believed it would be a good use of airtime to dissect my physical appearance. 

“I have seen how many of you saw it, switched off & complained – many not even “fans” of me, just good people who know right from wrong. Thank you for that, and for your messages of love and support.”

“Dealing with trolls is one thing, you ignore, you block,” she said. “BUT where are we as a society when the trolls are the mainstream TV channels? Will they now take responsibility for my dip in mental health and my plummeted self-esteem?”

She added: “When is enough enough? Just because we’re in the public eye, doesn’t mean we aren’t human. Fortunately I’m strong enough to deal with it but many aren’t!”

In the programme Dr Sabrina Shah-Desai looked at pictures of Charlotte from 2018 and said: "She’s getting to visible signs of having fillers. Good jobs are not visible, bad jobs are extremely visible.

"You can see her lips are too full, the apple of her cheek is too big, almost like a golf ball. That’s looking slightly unreal."

A number of famous faces including Geordie Shore co-star Holly Hagan and Jacqueline Jossa jumped to her defence after being left "disgusted" by the show.

The next day Charlotte broke down in tears on Instagram after fans backed her over the "insensitive" documentary.

After seeing the uproar that they had caused, later that evening Channel 5 apologised for airing the show, and also yanked it from its streaming service.

The broadcaster stated: "Channel 5 and the programme’s producers, Crackit Productions, take duty of care very seriously.

"While we acknowledge that the programme was OFCOM compliant, we have taken on board Charlotte’s feedback and removed the episode from our streaming platform My5."

It added: "We apologise for any upset caused.”

Last month Charlotte told fans she's glad she got rid of the "hook" in her nose as she shared before and after pictures of her cosmetic surgery.

The star had her first nose job back in 2016 after becoming self conscious on the MTV show.

A year later Charlotte went under the knife to correct her 'uniboob' after trolls commented on her breasts.

She also has lip filler to keep her pout looking full.

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