Cher Recreates 'Clueless' Scene With Christian Siriano—With a Twist!

The 1995 romantic comedy Clueless had many moments that made it a pop culture fixture in the 90s that still resonates with audiences today. One of the most iconic aspects of the movie was its main character, Cher, played immaculately by Alicia Silverstone. This year as the movie completed 26 years, Silverstone has taken to recreating scenes that made Cher’s character so memorable. With Christian Siriano, Project Runway winner, Silverstone recently recreated a hilarious scene with a twist at the end.

OK but which scene are we talking about?

It is the awkward scene from the movie when Cher decides to hit on Christian Stovitz, played by Justin Walker while watching a movie in her bedroom. Not knowing the fact that Christian is gay, Cher tries to seduce him by brushing her feet up and down his calf. Later as she tries to do a hair flip she tumbles down the bed. 

Clueless, which was a high school satire loosely adapted from the Jane Austen novel Emma, revolved around the rich and popular high school student and matchmaker Cher. Cher’s well-meaning but misguided attempts at doing good and finding love for the people around her backfire and force her to realize the value of her friends and love in her life.

At the beginning of the movie, Cher sets her eyes on Christian Stovitz, a handsome and sartorially astute boy in her school, to be her boyfriend. It is then that the scene takes place. Christian, realizing what Cher is trying to do dodges her advances and leaves her home. 

While in France with Siriano, Silverstone recreated the scene but what got the fans was the hilarious and unexpected ending. 

What was the big twist?

In the reenacted scene, Silverstone and Siriano start the same as the movie. They are lying on the bed and watching a movie together. Silverstone then moves her feet up and down Siriano’s leg and tells him that her feet are cold. Siriano reacts to that by saddling her with two pillows.

As the scene proceeded in the movie, Silverstone then tried to move closer to Siriano and in an attempt to flip her head fell off the bed.  Back in the video, Siriano askes her if she’s fine and as soon as she says yes, Siriano jumps on top of her in a hilarious departure from what happened in the movie. Siriano’s improvised move had a swift effect on Silverstone. She could not remain in character any longer and erupted into laughter. 

“I finally got Christian in bed!” Silverstone captioned the clip on Instagram. 

Which are the other ‘Clueless’ scenes Silverstone has recreated?

While incredibly funny, this wasn’t the first time that Silverstone had reprised her role as Cher. In her Tik-Tok debut in June, she reenacted the scene where she got harassed by a male on campus and as she pushed him away she said one of Cher’s most famous lines, “as if!” 

For that clip and her next recreation Silverstone’s 10-year-old son, Bear Blu Jarecki acted alongside his mother. For their second clip, the mother-son duo recreated the scene where Sher got an earful from her father about her dress. Silverstone reenacted the scene to mark 26 years to Clueless in July.

Both cute and funny, these scenes were especially helpful in rekindling the magic of the movie even though it has been more than two decades since we first met Cher. Let’s hope Silverstone gives us a glimpse of Cher every now and then to remind us of the unique person she was.

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