Cocaine Cowboys: Who is Sal Magluta and what happened to him?

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Cocaine Cowboys: The Kings of Miami documents the lives of Willy Falcon and Sal Magluta, two notorious drug kingpins. Their crimes spanned multiple decades, with the Netflix docuseries charting their story from high school to their eventual capture. But what became of Magluta?

Who is Sal Magluta?

Told across six episodes, Netflix’s latest limited docuseries tells a compelling and eye-opening tale of two men who defied the law for decades.

One of those men is Salvador ‘Sal’ Magluta who first met his friend Willy Falcon during their high school years.

The pair quickly became firm friends, both having a knack for business, creating various enterprises together over the years.

Before their fall into crime, Magluta became a well-known and respected member of the American Power Boat Association, with the pair both sharing a love for speedboat racing.

The documentary mostly covers Magluta’s criminal activities, with the former kingpin’s personal life remaining shrouded in mystery.

Although he preferred to keep his private life private, it is known he married a woman named Isabel.

The details of the marriage or the rest of his private life have remained buried, with the intervening years from high school and kingpin being overshadowed by his crimes.

However, as the documentary states, Magluta was considered the brains behind the pair’s activities, while Falcon was the face of the operation.

What happened to Sal Magluta?

Together, Magluta and Falcon became known as Los Muchachos or The Boys, with them beginning their criminal career in 1978.

They even worked with Pablo Escobar, acting as middlemen for him and his cartel’s dealings.

Eventually, the police raided their lavish mansions in 1991, arresting the duo and putting a stop to their ongoing smuggling.

A federal grand jury indicted the pair for drug trafficking and operating a criminal enterprise.

In the first trial, the pair were found not guilty by judge Federico Moreno.

However, this changed when the United States Attorney’s Office launched an investigation into their finances.

Corruption was exposed, showing the jury members had been bribed leading to more arrests for the jurors and some lawyers.

Malguta was sentenced to 205 years in federal prison, but that was reduced down to just 10 years on appeal.

He was eventually sentenced to 20 years in prison as part of a plea deal after brides and tampering was found.

He remains in a supermax prison in Colorado to this day, while Falcon was released in 2018 and deported to the Dominican Republic.

Viewers have been binging the series since it aired on August 4, with many of them taking to Twitter to share their thoughts on the show.

One viewer said: “This #CocaineCowboys series wild lol!”

Another added: “#CocaineCowboys is the most Miami sh*t ever, also, why do some of the lawyers look like Sith lords?” (sic)

Cocaine Cowboys: The Kings of Miami is available to watch exclusively on Netflix.

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