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A COME Dine with Me couple left fans feeling queasy after they committed a revolting dinner table faux pas.

Couple Sophie and Lucas joined hosts Ruth and Martin for their dinner party, where they were served rack of lamb for the main with an assortment of vegetables.

As the contestants tucked into the hearty dish, Ruth asked Sophie: "Are you not going to try the lamb Sophie," to which she replied: "It's in my mouth now."

Clearly not to her liking, Sophie covered her mouth with her hand and took a gulp of wine.

Unimpressed by the lamb on offer, she grimaced when she took another bite of it.

Most people would discreetly empty their mouth in a bin or a tissue – but not Sophie.


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The contestant turned to her partner and spat the chewed up contents into his mouth.

He happily obliged and he sucked the meat out of her mouth.

Lucas the continued to chew it and swallowed the half eaten lamb with no complaints.

Shocked by what they had just witnessed, the other couples immediately questioned what had just happened.

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Looking mortified, Ruth exclaimed: "You didn't share the lamb just then did you?"

Explaining that it's a regular thing they do, Sophie said: "Yeah, I thought I'd try it again but then I changed my mind, so I thought I'd just spit it into his mouth, it's a thing that we do."

Adding to the awkward atmosphere, Lucas jumped in: "Sometimes I get her to chew my food up for me first and spit it into my mouth."

The other two couples were repulsed by the admission, but Sophie went on: "That's just a connection that we have that no one else does, it's just another reason why we are the winning couple."

Speaking to the cameras, still trying to get their heads around what they just saw, Ruth said: "I can't see me chewing a bit of meat and passing it over to Martin, can you?," to which Martin immediately said: "No."

The scene has since gone viral and fans have reacted to the stomach-churning moment.

One viewer wrote: "That is so disgusting, who does that at someone else’s dinner table? No manners whatsoever."

Another posted: "Disgusting. I doubt their friends took them seriously after this. Very rude. Why do that at someone else's house?"

"This has left me wanting to vomit, it's repulsive! Perfect example of bad table etiquette," another disgusted viewer echoed.

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