Coronation Street arrest as Abi Franklin caught attacking Corey Brent?

Coronation Street: Corey is found not guilty of Seb's murder

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Coronation Street fans have seen Abi Franklin (played by Sally Carman) suffer a great deal of heartbreak over the past year. Regular viewers will remember her son Seb Franklin died back in May, following a brutal attack from Corey Brent (Maximus Evans) and his friends. A court case was held with Corey put on trial for Seb’s murder, but it came to a shocking conclusion when he was found not guilty. Abi was devastated by the result of the trial and still seems determined to get justice for her late son. Could Abi end up attacking Corey in a revenge attempt? And if so, will she get caught out by the police?

Corey’s trial concluded earlier this month and Abi was heartbroken when she discovered the jury’s verdict.

Could this shocking failure of justice push Abi to turn to extreme measures to get revenge on Corey?

In a recent interview with and other press, Abi actress Sally opened up about what the future could hold for her character.

Speaking about her role, the soap star revealed Abi has “got a really good heart”, but confessed she doesn’t always deal with things the right way.

Describing Abi’s reactive personality, Sally explained: “She is completely emotionally immature to the point where she’s like a two year old.

“She’s so reactive, she doesn’t think things through,” the actress revealed.

She continued: “It’s like she’s you know, like some people after 10 pints just do something and wake and go ‘oh’, she does it just in general.

“So she’s just – there’s nothing that she’s not capable of doing and she’s not anything other than just an undeveloped, emotionally undeveloped, walking heartbeat.

“So, watch out, you know,” Sally added, hinting Abi could soon take some drastic action.

Speaking further about Abi’s anger over Corey being found not guilty, Sally suggested the grieving mother could soon seek revenge.

The soap star said: “There’s no way we can leave it at that. You know she can’t just let that go because the injustice is too much.

“She has a cutoff point and it’s been not only reached but, you know, crossed,” she added.

Sally also hinted viewers will soon see just how determined Abi is to get justice for her late son and what lengths she will go to get it.

She explained: “It’s like she’s been driven by a force that she can’t stop and it’s slightly out of her hands.

“She just has to do what she’s going to do,” the soap star commented.

Could this mean Abi will soon turn to violence in an attempt to get revenge on the villainous Corey?

Following the trial’s conclusion Abi made her upset clear to her neighbour Imran Habeeb (Charlie De Melo).

The grieving mother even hinted she’d soon end up taking things into her own hands.

Abi exclaimed: “I can’t be indoors, I need space. I feel like if I go back there things will turn normal and I don’t want normal.

“Something has got to change. Something has to happen. Something big that matters to shake this stupid world up,” she said.

If Abi does decide to attack Corey the same way he attacked Seb, would she be able to get away with it?

If she’s caught being violent toward Corey Abi could find herself in trouble with the law.

Will she be arrested? Or could her friends persuade her not to seek revenge?

Coronation Street continues Monday at 7:30 pm on ITV.

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