Coronation Street death leaves Evelyn Plummer heartbroken

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ITV viewers are set to see heartbreak in Coronation Street next week as Evelyn Plummer (played by Maureen Lipman) says goodbye to her loyal dog Cerberus. However, with the cause of the death potentially being down to a deadly error by Roy Cropper (David Nielson), a feud in Weatherfield is on the cards.

In upcoming scenes, fans of the ITV soap will see Evelyn go to visit Roy in the cafe with her dog Cerberus in tow.

After he apologises for missing her birthday party, Roy goes on to reveal the problems Carla Barlow’s (Alison King) facing at the moment.

As the Underworld boss is being drugged by serial killer Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce), Carla’s behaviour has caused concern with friends and family who fear her psychosis has returned.

On top of this, she’s facing potential jail time after a recent incident where she ran into Paul Foreman (Peter Ash) while driving her van uninsured.

Later on, Cerberus sparks concern with Evelyn as he shows no interest in having his food.

When the dog, who has been by Evelyn’s side for many years, is still sick, her grandson Tyrone Dobbs (Alan Halsall) also starts to worry about the pooch.

Insisting they take Cerberus to the vet, they’re stunned when the professional suggests the illness could be down to food poisoning.

This prompts Roy to confess that he had dropped an Eccles cake in the cafe and fears the dog may have eaten it.

Enraged and worried about her pet, Evelyn fumes at her friend and tells Roy if anything happens to Cerberus, she’ll never forgive him.

However, her worst fear is confirmed when the vet breaks the news that Cerberus is now suffering from kidney failure.

As Evelyn dubs the cafe a death trap, Roy is guilt-ridden as he informs Nina Luca (Mollie Gallagher) he’s getting rid of his phone.

Roy explains had he not been distracted by the device, he wouldn’t have dropped the cake and Cerberus could still be alive.

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Speaking to Digital Spy about the upcoming scenes, the 76-year-old revealed the storyline hits close to home.

She said: “’It’s really sad. I had to say goodbye to my real dog on Zoom so it wasn’t much of a stretch to imagine this.

“I really liked Cerberus, Boss is his name and he’s a lovely dog, seriously sweet-natured and an incredibly beautiful hound.

“Gorgeous. It was as if he had an inkling that he was being written out! He was a bit subdued for a couple of days. He was valiant and that made it even sadder.”

The soap star revealed Cerberus will be put to sleep pretty much straight away after his diagnosis and confessed to missing her on-screen sidekick.

She added: “It is really sad. It was only a few weeks ago but I’ve blocked out filming it.

“He was so brave to the last – he just lay there, we were all on the floor with this beautiful soul. Obviously, the dog is actually fine but I really miss him.”

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays on ITV from 8pm.

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