Coronation Streets Ryan sees burns for first time

Coronation Street: Daisy and Ryan have heart-to-heart in hospital

Ryan Connor (played by Ryan Prescott) has already had a skin graft on his arm to help with the process of his wounds, however, tonight the doctors reveal he needs another after looking at his wounds for the first time.

During Wednesday’s episode, Carla Connor (Alison King) joins Ryan in the hospital when he reveals to the surgeon that he is ready to look at his injuries.

The doctor comes in and slowly begins to take off his bandages, holding onto Carla’s hand as he winces in pain.

Holding up a mirror to his face, Ryan studies his scars and takes in the moment that has changed his life forever.

However, he is given more devastating news when the surgeon reveals his scars aren’t healing as they had hoped, resulting in him needing another skin graft.

Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan) turns up at the hospital to see how he is, but when Carla returns from a coffee run, they soon realise he and his backpack have gone.

They soon find him by the tram station traumatised and escort him back to Carla’s to try and calm him down.

Actor Ryan Prescott recently opened up about the heartbreaking scenes and said: “For Ryan, I don’t think he expects it to be as bad as it is. He has never seen major burns before so he doesn’t know what to expect and because he has been in bandages for so long he gets into a little comfortable zone with just wearing the bandages.

“Once his facial injuries are revealed to him, it knocks it right out of him again. The initial glances are heartbreaking. The first time he sees his face, he is thinking, ‘I am never going to have love in my life again. I am going to be the one that people look at in the street.’.

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“In that moment, all those feelings he was trying to ignore come rushing to the surface and he realises that there is no way this is going to heal and he is going to look like his burns haven’t been there.

“It confirms to him that this is going to affect every aspect of the rest of his life, no matter what.”

He also touched on what his first thoughts were when he saw the prosthetics for the first time and admitted there was no “one defining moment or real shock”.

Ryan added: “It was a process. I knew what to expect and Gillian [Walsh] and I had experimented with a few layers of prosthetics before anything was even set in stone about the stages of Ryan’s recovery.

“Through my research for the storyline, I have spoken to numerous people who have survived acid attacks who have real facial injuries and it’s really nothing compared to what some people have gone through in real life.

“I had always thought of the prosthetics as an edge of that reality and now wearing the prosthetics makes me reflect on the reasons why I am doing this storyline.

“The prosthetics remind me that I want to further the dialogue of what people are actually going through in real life.”

Ryan added that he has gotten so used to the prosthetics being on his face when he isn’t working he still doesn’t use that specific side of his face: “I have just gotten used to it now and I forget the prosthetics are there.”

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8pm on ITV.

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