Corrie introduces soap's first ever unicorn

It may have been a British institution for nearly 60 years but Coronation Street knows how to break down those boundaries as it has announced another big new soap first – a unicorn has joined the cast and will be involved in a major summer storyline and potentially a romance with local lothario Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson).

New pictures have shown the unicorn, previously known as Tiny the horse in the show, out and about on location with Steve and his pal Tim Metcalfe (Joe Duttine). At the moment, Tiny is being viewed as a bit of a run of the mill nag but he will seemingly evolve into one of the mystical creatures, leaving the cobbles in wonder.

But as unicorn dust is sprinkled – and Steve falls under its spell, almost sharing a kiss with the companion – will the unicorn later be joined by a family of legendary beings such as giants, leprechauns, pixies and orcs?

It seems like it could be the Corrie of the future – soaps do have to evolve with the times after all.

Steed de Horne, the president of the UAMCA (Unicorns and Mythical Creatures Alliance) told us: ‘We are delighted that Coronation Steed is finally introducing its first ever unicorn. For too long, soaps have horsed around the with the frankly banal goings on of humans while simultaneously nag-lecting the much more exciting storylines a unicorn can add to the mix.

‘It has frankly been a mare persuading them to carry out this casting but they have finally proven they are not just a one trick pony and can move with the times. We applaud them for this and just hope that Tiny isn’t given the standard (uni) corny storylines.’

Okay, by now you may have worked out that we’re ever so slightly over-egging this story but it’s Steve and Tim with a horse and a make-shift horn attached to its head – how could we not publish these pictures?!

The story appears to be that the mates have a money making scheme to make Tiny pay his way. Dressed as a unicorn, he could make them a mint at fetes and children’s parties. But will it go to plan?

Between takes Simon seemed to be getting on very well with the horse, ruling out the outdated mantra that you should never work with children or animals.

The horseplay will continue over the summer but given Steve and Tim’s track record, they could be galloping towards disaster here.

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