Corrie spoilers: Phelan's return, murder secret and family death tragedy

Todd Grimshaw (Gareth Pierce)’s return to Coronation Street sends shockwaves and looks set to have a major impact on Billy Mayhew (Daniel Brocklebank) and Paul Foreman (Peter Ash) while another relationship facing crisis is that of Leanne Battersby (Jane Danson) and Nick Tilsley (Ben Price).

Elsewhere, there are underhand goings on as a robbery is planned while Ray Crosby (Mark Frost) and Gary Windass (Mikey North) join forces for a wicked scheme.

Monday October 19 Part One

Eileen makes matters worse when she calls Mick at home using Streetcars’ number. Mick’s husband Erik answers and soon accuses Tim of having an affair with his husband.

Mary is convinced that Phelan is haunting the house and gets Billy to perform an exorcism. Todd suddenly appears at the top of the stairs.

When Aaron announces he is reducing his hours, David worries. When Shona casually refers to David’s rape, he is horrified.

Fed up with the neighbours, Maria encourages Gary to work with Ray. Ray is impressed by what Gary has to say.

Gemma urges Chesney and Bernie to find more work so Bernie to go to the cafe while Chesney heads to Underworld.

Monday October 19 Part Two

Eileen finds Erik and Tim rowing and intervenes. Billy has a go at Todd for abandoning Summer. Eileen explains to Erik the truth of the situation and wants Mick to back off. Todd causes trouble between Paul and Billy but Billy reassures Paul. Eileen has a final showdown with Mick.

Gemma begs Jenny for some shifts at the Rovers so Chesney turns down the job at Underworld.

With the final hearing date set, Leanne asks Steve to go to Germany to speak to the medical experts to help with the case.

When Shona is upset, David reassures her things will get better. Ray gives Gary a mission.

Wednesday October 21 Part One

Despite Eileen’s warning, Todd is cock of the walk on the Street. Billy confides in Paul that he has cold feet about the archdaecon position and Paul wonders if this is down to Todd. Billy implores to Todd to stop causing trouble – but Todd drops the bombshell that he still loves Billy.

Gail helps Sam set up his fundraising stall – but she issues a warning to Natasha. Oliver’s guardian introduces herself to Leanne and when she is hostile, Nick apologises. Leanne is furious with him and lashes out.

Gary is interested to see David’s rival threatening to put the barber shop out of business. Gemma heads out to work feeling upbeat.

Wednesday October 21 Part Two

Todd reminds Billy of how good they were together and tries to win him round but Billy refuses. Todd apologises to Paul for his behaviour and Paul is furious to believe that Billy has spoken to Todd about Kel.

David tells Gary that an offer has been made on the house which would sort his finances out. Gary urges him to take it and suggests that he rents the house back. But when Ray tells Gary that he plans to turf the Platts out, Gary feels guilty.

A journalist interviews Leanne about her situation but when she asks about Oliver’s impending death, Leanne loses it.

Natasha assures Gail she has no designs on Nick.

Friday October 23 Part One

Billy tells Paul that Todd is no longer the love of his life but Paul is worried. Sean arrives home with Dylan, shocked to find Todd there. Later, Dylan goes missing while Billy backs out of the interview, leaving Paul aghast.

Natasha tells Nick she’s like to make a big donation to Oliver’s appeal. Steve breaks the news that he had no luck with German doctors. Later, Leanne hears about Natasha’s offer – but why has Nick not told her?

Scott talks Johnny through the robbery plan and he is sick with worry. Jenny later books a holiday but Scott warns Johnny to back out.

David thanks Gary for his advice and reveals he has agreed to sell the house.

Friday October 23 Part Two

Leanne is outraged and accuses Nick of giving up on Oliver. She orders him to accept the money from Natasha while Steve apologises to Leanne that he failed in Germany. Later, Nick vonfides in Gail that he thinks Leanne is fighting a battle she can never win.

Todd finds Dylan and assures him Sean loves him. Billy returns from the interview but Paul thinks Todd is under his skin.

Johnny rejects a disappointed Jeny while Scott issues a threat about his dark past. David explains that he is selling the house but everything will be okay. Gemma tells Chesney how lucky she feels.

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