Countdown's Rachel Riley left red-faced as contestant spells out TWO 'filthy' words in 'pornographic' round

COUNTDOWN'S Rachel Riley was shocked as two rude words are spelled out in a "filthy" letters round.

Viewers were giggling when two inappropriate words "pornier" and "rideable" were acknowledged in Thursday episode.

Susie Dent noticed both words in the episode.

Writer Grace Dent joined Susie in the dictionary corner and said: "We have a seven, pornier, which I don’t quite understand what it is."

Susie clarified: “It means more pornographic.”

Rachel was left wide-eyed as she awkwardly stood next to the saucy word spelled out behind her.

Viewers couldn't resist in mocking the show's racy moments.

One fan said: “Today’s Countdown was nothing but filth.”

A second wrote: “I think we need the show pre-recorded or put on past the watershed."

Another penned: “Countdown with 'Pornier.'"

Weakest Link star Anne Robinson, 76, has taken over Nick Hewer's, 77, role as Countdown presenter.

Rachel revealed Nick stole a number of items from the Countdown studio when he left.

Speaking to Lorraine last week, Rachel said he'd "taken his chair with him" and "he nicked loads of stuff."

Meanwhile, Anne told Lorraine that she was "nervous" taking over the role at first.

Anne is the first female host of the Channel 4 game show, joining Rachel and word expert Susie Dent to make an all-female cast.

Rachel said of the new line-up in a statement: "It’s been really fun watching Anne very quickly find her feet in the Countdown studio and seeing the contestants in the new groove with her.

"She’s not shy of asking them funny questions and the responses have ranged from going into their own comedy routines to not looking directly at her and hoping she doesn’t see them."

Countdown airs weekdays at 2:15pm on Channel 4.

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