Countryfiles Adam Henson shares update from hospital after surgery

Countryfile: Adam Henson undergoes a hip operation

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In the latest instalment of Countryfile host, Adam Henson opened up about his recent hip operation. The 56-year-old has suffered from pain over the past few years but after it all became too much, he decided to get it sorted.

During an episode of the BBC show, Adam told viewers that this Autumn has been a particularly painful one after struggling with his hip for a while.

Fans learnt that although it’s affected him for five years, it wasn’t until recently that it began to impact his everyday life.

With the pain turning easy everyday jobs such as moving bales of hay and handling sheep into hard tasks, Adam decided that it was finally time for something to be done.

In a pre-recorded video clip from the hospital, the Countryfile host gave fans an update on his operation.

He said: “It’s now been pretty much 12 hours since I had my hip resurfacing operation.

“The feeling in my legs and waist have all come back now, pretty much my right leg, which is the leg I had done, is still a bit tingly and a bit weird.

“I’ve never really had surgery quite like this before, it does make me feel for all those people that have gone through things an awful lot worse.”

Viewers then saw an update given by Adam four days after he had his hip operation from his home while he recovered.

Turning the camera around to show his dog laying on his lap, the 56-year-old said he was relaxing as he read Farmers Weekly magazine.

He added: “I’m very lucky to have a strong team on the farm who can do all the work. In three or four weeks’ time, hopefully, I’ll be back out and about.”

The Countryfile star told fans that recovering from his operation has been a lot slower and more painful than he first thought.

Adam continued: “It’s made me think and reflect, how do farmers get over injury or illness?

“I’ve been fortunate, I’ve been able to plan ahead and I’ve got a fantastic business partner and team who can pick up the slack.”

The 56-year-old added that when smaller family farmers are struck down with illness or injuries, it can be devastating for them.
This then prompted the Countryfile host to visit a farm in South Wales to meet a family who have gone through that exact struggle.

Speaking to owners Andrew and Emma who run their 165-acre farm by themselves, Adam learnt that around four years ago Andrew caught his foot in a tractor hitch which did serious damage to his left leg.

Explaining his injury, he told the BBC host: “I had a friend who happened to be around on the farm, he wanted to take my foot out of the hitch. I said, ‘no leave it there!’

“Otherwise I probably would’ve bled to death. You know I’m on my own on the farm, predominantly you’re trying to rush a job on, that’s when accidents happen.”

While Andrew was recovering, Emma told Adam that they have good friends on neighbouring farms that came by and helped when she needed them.

She said: “Without them I would have been quite lost.”

Countryfile is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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