Days Of Our Lives Recasting Jen Lilleys Theresa Donovan With Co-Star Emily OBrien

Peacock‘s Days of Our Lives has done some recasting and it couldn’t be more like a soap opera.

Jen Lilley has been playing the role of Theresa Donovan on and off since 2013 and recently reappeared for a story arc. However, her return as Theresa will be short-lived as the character was re-cast with a fellow co-star.

The end credits of the October 2 episode spoiled that Emily O’Brien would be playing Theresa and take over for Lilley, who last appeared on the episode that aired September 22.

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O’Brien is currently playing the role of Gwen von Leuschner on the drama series and will be doubling as Theresa in the episodes ahead.

Lilley talked to about the recasting and producers told her how O’Brien would be playing both roles simultaneously.

“Oh yeah, we’re just gonna put her in a wig,” Lilley said someone in production told her.

Despite not returning to DOOL for long, Lilley harbors no resentment toward her co-star, in fact, she feels bad for her.

“That poor girl has had to have conversations with me. How horrible she must have felt!” Lilley said about O’Brien having to talk to her after knowing she would be taking over the role of Theresa.

When Lilley found out O’Brien was the new Theresa, the former says she gave her a hug and said, “That must be so awkward for you.”

Ultimately, Lilley says that the recast “was horrible with the fans” and added, “You could not do something more unkind to a recast.”

Lilley said she learned she was not finishing out Theresa’s arc right on the set adding, “Top to bottom, it was just not handled the right way. … Everybody was mad, because everybody was kind of lied to.”

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