DNA Family Secrets viewers appalled as siblings track down only biological family member – and he rejects them

DNA Family Secrets viewers have been left appalled after siblings tracked down their only biological family member – and he rejected them.

The BBC series sees Stacey Dooley help answer life-changing questions through the power of DNA.

In the latest episode, a set of adopted triplets wanted to discover their ethnicity.

Two of the three brothers started the journey as the other had to shield due to an underlying health condition while filming took place.

They discovered their biological father's heritage as from Liberia in West Africa, but they also had DNA links to Northern Ireland, where they grew up.

This was a happy surprise to the brothers, who also discovered they had a biological first cousin.

However, during a video call with their adoptive parents, they explained how the show had reached out to their relative but they didn't wish to make contact with the triplets.

While the siblings took the news pretty well, telling their mum it was "understandable", viewers did not feel the same way.

Taking to Twitter, one viewer raged: "Imagine being so cold that you find out you're someone's only biological family in the whole world and you're just like NAH when asked to contact them?? Wtf."

Another added: "They are being very generous … I don’t think it’s “understandable”"

A third tweeted: "These brothers are absolutely wonderful, such a credit to their adoptive parents, who are also amazing.

"It’s heartbreaking that their biological family don’t want to even speak to them or learn more. Family love is everything, no one should ever forget that!"

Meanwhile a fellow viewer wrote: "Tell those lads if they want a cousin I’ll be volunteer. I would be very proud if they were my family. What a lovely family."

DNA Family Secrets is available on BBC iPlayer

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