Doctor Who star teases return to BBC drama for 60th anniversary Would be good!

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Petronella Osgood (played by Ingrid Oliver), or Osgood as she is known to most, made her first appearance on Doctor Who back in 2013. The episode was entitled The Day of the Doctor, which marked the BBC drama’s 50th anniversary and saw Matt Smith’s incarnation of the famous Time Lord come face to face with the UNIT scientist. Just a couple years later was her final stint on the programme during Death in Heaven which saw her battle the Zygons and Missy (played by Michelle Gomez), with Peter Capaldi’s 12th Doctor. However, eight years after being at the thick of the action, she could be set to return in a year’s time when the show celebrates being on the airwaves for six decades.

Due to her quirky fashion sense and her admiration for the Time Lord, Osgood was a hit with fans of the sci-fi drama.

What later transpired was the character was part of a bigger plot, with her first and last appearance tying in together.

During the 50th anniversary episodes, the UNIT scientist helped the Doctor fight off a Zygon invasion through history.

Although the alien race was defeated in their mission to take over earth, one of them had taken on Osgood’s form.

They tried to use her connections within UNIT to take control of the planet but alongside the 11th Doctor (David Tennant) and the War Doctor (John Hart), the 12th Doctor erased the memories of humans and their Zygon counterparts.

This meant the doubles could not tell who was a human and who was a Zygon and therefore, peace was rendered across the world.

The pair of Osgoods lived in Harmony and created Operation Double where they helped humans and Zygons alike adapt to their new way of life.

Unfortunately, during the episode Death in Heaven, in which Missy launched her cyber army on the earth, one of the Osgoods was killed.

It was not made clear which one it was but another Zygon took on the scientist’s form and therefore there are still two Osgoods in the universe.

That would be a bit of fun

Ingrid Oliver

Therefore, there is still an opportunity for Osgood to return to the show, having featured in several of the Big Finish audio episodes.

In an exclusive interview with, the actress who plays all forms of Osgood, Ingrid, spoke about whether she would make a comeback 10 years after her first appearance.

When asked about a possible return for the 60th anniversary specifically, the former star of the show explained: “That would be a bit of fun wouldn’t it?”

No official plans have yet been revealed for the landmark occasion next year so there is every possibility the writers could draw on the show’s past.

During the 50th anniversary, writers brought back former companion Rose Tyler (Billie Piper) as part of the War Doctor’s imagination.

One of the biggest twists at the end of the episode saw every single Doctor make an appearance, whether the actors who played them have passed away or are still alive.

It is definitely a trend to bring back past characters so could Osgood be brought back into the action and will both Osgoods return?

Taking to social media platforms, there has been a huge call from fans for the beloved character to make a comeback.

One fan wrote on Twitter: “So UNIT was shut down and Torchwood was ‘gone’ as the Doctor described it. So hear me out BBC.

“A new spin-off with Kate Stewart and Osgood as the main characters who relaunch Torchwood to continue protecting the earth,” they continued.

A second posted: “Just rewatched the Zygon two-parter and I have to say that Osgood, played beautifully by the delight that is @ingridoliver100 might just be my favourite character in all of #DoctorWho.”

“@ingridoliver100 will Osgood ever be back on @DoctorWho_BBCA Ingrid? I know your character Osgood just came out with a game The Lonely Assassins. So that gives me hope she’ll be back on the tele,” a fourth shared.

Doctor Who seasons 1-12 are available to stream on BBC iPlayer.

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