Dragon's Den fans stunned as 'rude' businessman lands deal AFTER snapping at Sara Davies 'you can't have it both ways'

DRAGON'S Den fans were left stunned this evening when a "rude" businessman landed a deal for his Backballer venture – AFTER lashing out at one of the stars.

Irish Noel shocked in the Den when he snapped: "You can't have it both ways!" during tense negotiations with Sara Davies.

The budding entrepreneur was on the show to secure a £100,000 investment for a 5% stake in the business, BackBaller Foam Roller – a dual-mounted foam-roller for focused muscle relief.

He explained that the ongoing coronavirus pandemic had secured him a boom in business as customers splashed out during lockdown.

Sara was impressed by the product, and even jumped up to try it out despite wearing an impractical skirt.

She was further intrigued when Noel revealed that he was in talks with a shopping channel in the US to stock his product – with Sara explaining that she was close friends with the sports buyer for the channel, and they could barely keep up with demand for goods.

Sara offered Noel the cash – but asked for a 35% stake in the business, eventually agreeing to drop to 25%, and then 20% once she'd made her investment back.

But Noel was reluctant to sign away anything more than 10% – and was not amused by her comment about making the money back.

He swiped: "I don't think that makes it a whole lot sweeter, that's like having your jam on both sides.

"My current offer is 10% and that's not giving you your money back, you can't have it both ways, Sara – honestly."

Undeterred, Sara replied: "I can't have it both ways but I've got a portfolio of businesses making me a lot of money.

"You've got this one, and I'm offering you the opportunity to turn the fortunes of that business around with my help and support. Because you need a lot of it."

All of the Dragons were visibly stunned by the exchange – and Sara's co-stars were further surprised when she agreed to the 10% deal – on the condition that she got her money back in the first 12 months.

Viewers at home also couldn't be believe "cheeky" Noel had bagged the cash and flocked to Twitter to share their reaction.

One wrote: "So rude! The cheeky guy got lucky."

Another added: "Oh yes she can have it both ways son. She's got something to sell, that you need."

A third said: "Wow, I didn't see that deal coming……….."

One more exclaimed: "Is Sara out of her mind? I wouldn’t trust that guy at all."

One impressed viewer wrote: "The Irish charm worked!"

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