Dylan Farrow Asks for Empathy Prior to Explosive Episode of HBO’s ‘Allen v. Farrow’

Dylan opens up that the episode features ‘a video of me as a seven-year-old child disclosing my abuse to my mother,’ noting that ‘this is the most vulnerable part of who I am.’

AceShowbizDylan Farrow took to her social media account to post a long plea, asking for understanding and empathy, before HBO aired a new explosive episode of “Allen v. Farrow” on Sunday, February 28. Dylan opened up that the episode would feature “a video of me as a seven-year-old child disclosing my abuse to my mother.”

“I’m writing this, because to be totally honest I have been losing sleep and overcome with anxiety,” the daughter of Mia Farrow wrote on Twitter. “Tonight’s episode of the Allen v. Farrow docuseries features a video of me as a seven-year-old child disclosing my abuse to my mother. It shows me as I was then, a young, vulnerable child. ‘Little Dylan,’ whom I’ve tried ever since to protect.”

The “Alice” star went on to share, “Deciding to allow this tape to be viewed now publicly in this way has not been easy. I myself had resisted ever watching it until now. It had been long stored away in a closet. Scared. Buried.”

In the statement, Dylan admitted that she “almost didn’t offer it to the filmmakers because being this vulnerable in public is absolutely terrifying for me.” She claimed that she was afraid of people’s judgment against “Little Dylan,” adding, “To think of that happening to this little girl is stomach-churning.” However, she eventually decided to share it “in hopes that Little Dylan’s voice might now help others suffering in silence feel heard, understood and less alone.”

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Dylan also revealed the third reason of why she put the footage for public to see. “Personally, I had, for decades, pushed ‘Little Dylan’ away as a coping mechanism. So part of my goal in allowing her to now speak is also to try and find some healing for me and my childhood self. It’s an attempt to make them whole again, and find some peace and closure,” she revealed.

In the said footage, Dylan told her mother about an alleged incident involving her father, Woody Allen, that took place a few days prior. According to the timestamp, the date of the recording was August 5, 1992. “We went into your room and we went into the attic,” the little girl shared. “Then he started telling me weird things. Then secretly he went into the attic….went behind me and touched my privates.”

“If you watch this video, I very much hope you will do so with empathy, compassion and an open mind and heart and not use this as an opportunity to attack, turn away, criticize, mock; or to further shun ‘Little Dylan’ and in doing so shame and silence the millions abused children who are suffering in the world today,” Dylan pleaded in her post. “This is the most vulnerable part of who I am.”

Concluding the message, she wrote, “I hope this tape helps us all find ways to allow painful secrets to come safely out of their closets so we all can heal and move forward in strength and peace. No longer ashamed, buried, scared, sad, and silent.” She also encouraged abuse victims to contact RAINN.

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