Eagle-eyed viewers spot ghost walking out of mass grave in James Mays new doc

Eagle-eyed Amazon Prime viewers have been left spooked after catching a glimpse of a 'ghost' walking out of a mass grave in James May's new documentary.

The clip taken from James May: Our Man In Italy shows May standing in the destroyed ancient Roman city of Pompeii, which was wiped out in 79AD when nearby Mount Vesuvius erupted.

He was explaining how it was important to remember that the area is 'a mass grave' when viewers spotted the 'ghost' walking from the ruins behind him.

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The phantom apparition, which is faint but human-shaped, can be seen walking across the background of the shot – and many others agreed.

The user wrote: "Just been watching James May's new program Our Man in Italy on Amazon Prime and spotted this in the background," adding the hashtag #ghostsighting and #walkingdead.

Another added: "It wasn't the only one I saw."

One bloke on Twitter even suggested seeing up to as many as four ghosts throughout the series.

However, others have suggested that it was probably someone walking in the background of the shot that the production crew tried to edit out.

One user said: "Either the editor doesn’t know how to remove people in After Effects or put them in to see if people would even notice lol."

Another added: "I thought it was supposed to be a part of the show. The timing and frame are too perfect."

James May has since taken to Twitter to address the sightings in his new show as he claims nobody saw the 'ghost' at the time of filming so it either must be a real phantom or more likely the result of a technical glitch in the footage.

He wrote: "My thanks to everyone who has pointed out the ‘ghost’ in ep3 of my new Italy series. Nobody saw it at the time, so it’s either a real ghost or (more likely but also more boring) just a bit of digital file corruption."

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