EastEnders fans begging for Kat and Alfie reunion as they predict sad twist in cancer story

EastEnders fans are hoping Kat Slater and Alfie Moon are set to rekindle their romance, after they shared a number of sweet moments in Monday evening's episode, 11 September.

Kat (Jessie Wallace) was left shocked and upset after it was revealed Alfie (Shane Richie) had been undergoing tests to determine if he has prostate cancer, with her fiancé Phil Mitchell (Phil McFadden) having accompanied him to the hospital in recent episodes but not telling Kat.

After finding out, Kat and Phil both went with Alfie as he picked up his results and he was left emotional as he seemed to get the all clear.

Kat was thrilled and proceeded to comfort her ex-husband, before heading to the Queen Vic to celebrate his results.

Meanwhile Phil was left feeling uncomfortable as Kat spent time with Alfie, with the former couple clearly still having a lot of chemistry and love for one another.

Fans picked up on Kat and Alfie's chemistry and were quick to react to Monday's episode, sharing their hopes on social media that the duo will soon reunite and realise they're still in love.

"That was one of the most precious Kat and Alfie hugs I have ever witnessed #EastEnders #Kalfie," one person tweeted.

Another said: "Phil sat there seeing how much Kat and Alfie still love one another is ART #EastEnders," while a fourth added: "Just get kat and alfie back together pls #eastenders".

A third fan wrote: "Phil definitely knows that what he and Kat have got will never match up to the love kat and alfie feel for eachother. the writers need to stop edging us and get kalfie back together #eastenders."

But other fans were left wondering whether Alfie had really received the all clear, after he received his results alone and came out looking teary-eyed.

One person stated: "Alfie is lying #EastEnders," and another fan added: "Has Alfie really got the all clear though… #EastEnders".

Kat and Alfie's love story dates back to the early 2000s on EastEnders, with the duo going on to marry and welcome twins, Bert and Ernie together. Alfie is also stepdad to Kat's son Tommy Moon, whose biological father is Michael Moon.

The couple's marriage has been rocky over recent years, with Kat cheating on Alfie off-screen while they were living in Spain before then returning to Walford without him. Alfie made a welcome return to Albert Square earlier this year on Kat and Phil's wedding day, and he has been trying to win her back ever since.

EastEnders airs Monday to Thursday at 7:30pm on BBC One and from 6am on BBC iPlayer

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