EastEnders Kheerat Panesar in race to save Suki

EastEnders: Suki Panesar kisses Honey Mitchell

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Official EastEnders spoilers have revealed Suki (played by Balvinder Sopal) will end up getting arrested for Ranveer’s (Anil Goutam) murder. Fans will be aware that Ravi Gulati (played by Aaron Thiara) led Suki to believe she had killed Ranveer following an altercation after he tried to assault her. However, Ravi himself is the one who dealt the fatal blow which killed the businessman. Kheerat (Jaz Deol) has no idea what happened to Ranveer, but he suspects Ravi straight away.

In episodes yet to air, Ravi updates Davinder `Nugget’ Gulati (Juhaim Rasul Choudhury) and when Nina Gupta (Hersha Verity) spots the exchange, she grows concerned that Ravi’s priorities lie with Nish Panesar (Navin Chowdhry) and not her.

Nina takes him to the surgery but they are interrupted by the police, who have further questions.

DS Manners spots discrepancies with their original statements and wants to question them further.

Could Nina be the one who directs the police towards Suki?

Meanwhile, Suki and Kheerat arrive home to find Nish preparing a meal.

Suki decides to stand by Nish but their family’s happiness is short-lived when the police arrive and arrest Suki for murdering Ranveer.

The Panesars fret as Suki is questioned and Kheerat points the finger at Ravi who is nowhere to be found.

Meanwhile, Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner) is annoyed when Kheerat continues to ignore her.

However, once she learns what’s happened, she offers him her support.

With the police searching Suki’s house, Nina heads to the surgery but Ash Panesar (Gurlaine Kaur Garcha) arrives and breaks down, worried she’s about to lose her mum.

Kheerat rages at Nish but Ravi soon turns up. Kheerat sees red as shocking revelations come to light and he goes to drastic lengths to save his mum.

But will it be enough? It’s likely Kheerat has found out that Ravi is in fact Nish’s son.

This news will come as a shock to Kheerat, who already doesn’t trust his dad.

With Ravi the real murderer, will Kheerat somehow be able to prove his mother’s innocence?

Perhaps Nina, who is in on the plot, might feel guilty after seeing a heartbroken Ash, and end up confessing the truth.

If not, Suki could be in prison for a long time, just days after Nish was released after 20 years.

Will the Panesar family finally be reunited for good?

It seems they will face being divided either way, with a scheming Nish already plotting to “get rid” of Kheerat.

Furthermore, Suki is secretly harbouring a love for Eve Unwin (Heather Peace).

It seem no matter what happens, the family have a lot of drama and surprises in store in the run-up to Christmas time.

EastEnders continues on Tuesday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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