EastEnders Spoilers: Kat Slater and Kush Kazemi shock the Walford residents as they go public with their relationship

THE residents of Walford are in for an almighty shock in EastEnders next week when Kush Kazemi and Kat Slater go public with their relationship.

It’s Kush who wants to make things official and Kat is touched when he tells her that he doesn’t want to be her naughty little secret any more.

Later Kush – who’s played by Davood Ghadami in the BBC One soap – waits for Kat in the Vic and, when she arrives, she surprises him and the rest of the punters with a passionate kiss.

How will everyone react to their blossoming relationship?

It’s a tough time for Kush as it’s the anniversary of his brother Shakil’s death and – as the week kicks off – Kat’s hurt when he ignores her messages.

She decides to avoid him and heads off with Jean Slater for her hospital appointment.

Kat – Jessie Wallace – is stunned when Kush turns up and apologises for ignoring her the day before.

After giving him the cold shoulder for a bit Kat eventually thaws and comforts Kush as he opens up about losing Shakil.

He’s touched later when Kat brings Arthur – the little boy he shares with Stacey Fowler – round for some quality time.

But Kat’s actions have an unexpected side effect to cheering Kush up – he decides he wants joint custody of his son, leaving Kat horrified.

She panics when she sees that Kush is absolutely dead set on his plan, especially when he invites Stacey and Martin over.

Knowing that Kush wants to discuss the idea of joint custody with them, Kat enlists Mo’s help to bring the evening to an early finish.

What has she got in mind?

After weeks of toying with each other and exchanging flirty glances, Kush and Kat finally got it on last week.

And while they decide to keep things low-key, things don’t quite go to plan when Martin and Stacey arrive back at the Slater house early while Kat and Kush are enjoying some alone time.

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