EastEnders viewers slam hypocrite Kat as she criticises Issacss mental health

EastEnders viewers were not best pleased on Monday evening, after Kat Slater criticised Isaac Baptiste's current mental state, despite having family members who have suffered with mental health.

Some fans believed the writers may had missed the mark as Jessie Wallace who plays the legendary Kat failed to remember that she had previously experienced mental health within her own family unit.

Issac who suffers from schizophrenia had become the victim of online abuse and has been the talk of the square.

But while discussing the abuse in the shop Kim Fox noticed Kat's dismissive and nonchalant attitude towards it and proceeded to challenge her.

Although viewers were happy with Kim's approach, some still couldn't shake Kat's response.

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Taking to Twitter, viewers shared their thoughts.

One fan penned: "Don't like the way, the writers have changed Kat since she's got involved with Phil and the Mitchells.

"She should be sympathetic towards Issac knowing what Stacey and Jean have gone through with Bipolar in the past, not be hypocritical. Sort it out writers."

Another said: "Kat you have 2 relatives who have mental illnesses. I'm shocked at her character right now! She should be defending Isaac who teached Tommy when he struggled with his dyslexia."

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A third wrote: "Stacey & Jean both have Bi-polar, Sean has his own Mental Health issues & Kat would totally kill anyone that said anything against any of them right? So how's Isaac any different just cos he has Schizophrenia instead?"

"Have the writers of EastEnders, forgotten about Stacey? Why is Kat acting like she is, about Issac?" A fourth questioned.

Elsewhere in the programme, Issac appeared to be going through so more troubles of his own.

Although his condition appears to be getting a lot better, mum Sheree is still trying to control him.

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Sheree was left disappointed when she discovered that Issac's girlfriend Lola Pearce was still visiting him while in hospital, even though Lola appears to be helping Issac with his recovery.

Near the end of the show, Sheree warns Issac about Lola once again and proposes that once he is finally better that they should migrate to Trinidad.

Rushing to Twitter once again, EastEnders fans shared their take on Sheree's unexpected proposition.

One fan said: "Sheree is the worst kind of mother in regards to MH."

While another chimed: "Sheree needs to back off. Isaac has Schizophrenia.. Doesn't mean he needs to be wrapped up in bubble wrap… Like an injured pigeon."

A third suggested: "Sheree do us all a favour, go on your own and don’t bother coming back."

Will Issac listen to his mother's advice?

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