Ed Sheeran is facing a council probe after officials spotted a major new development on his Suffolk estate on Instagram

WITH the pandemic waning, it seems busybodies are back to their old tricks — and that’s bad news for Ed Sheeran.

Insiders have revealed the superstar singer, who previously had to justify improving his home to council inspectors, is now being investigated over a new wooden gazebo on his property.

Eagle-eyed complainers saw it in the background of a jokey video he posted on Instagram showing him glugging wine at his Suffolk pad.

A source said: “It beggars belief that anyone would take the time to phone the council and complain about it but someone has.

“The gazebo was spotted after Ed posted a video of himself in the garden last month talking about his music comeback. It can be seen when he is standing outside his boozer, the Lancaster Lock.

“He had permission to build a bar area, with decking and a pizza oven, along with two barbecues. But whoever complained is saying that the gazebo was never there before.

“Now the council is looking into whether he needs planning permission for it. Because his property is Grade Two listed, all sorts of hoops have to be jumped through if any work is done.”

East Suffolk council confirmed it was looking into the structure at Ed’s place, explaining: “We have been made aware that a gazebo has been erected at this property and we are making enquiries to establish if there are any planning requirements.”

Ever since he bought his estate, Ed, who makes his music comeback with new single Bad Habits this Friday, has been at the mercy of the local council over planned improvements.

And he’s not the only star to fall foul of council chiefs, with David and Victoria Beckham constantly batting off investigations from their local authority in the Cotswolds.

They should start a club — but then again, they would probably need planning permission for that as well.

Olivia's had a bright idea

OLIVIA Culpo knows how to stand out from the crowd at a party by the beach.

The US actress wore these colourful patterned shorts and bra combo with Balenciaga earrings and white mules.

Olivia certainly seems to be enjoying herself in the Caribbean island of St Barts with her boyfriend, American football star Christian McCaffery, and pals including model Devon Windsor.

A snap on Instagram showed her holding three glasses of wine, with the caption: “I really just can’t keep up today.”

The break comes after she premiered her film Venus As A Boy at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York last week. Before moving into acting, Olivia found fame as an influencer.

And from the look of her latest fashion choice, she is certainly Liv-ing up to my expectations.

Slim Simon

HE lost over four stone after overhauling his diet and lifestyle but Simon Cowellhas a secret weapon to thank for helping keep the pounds off.

The X Factor mogul has been knocking back lagers from the Skinny Beer company – which at 89 calories a bottle allow him to enjoy a drink while keeping him slim.

And I can reveal Simon is such a big fan of the booze brand that he is investing a whopping £500,000 into it.

A source said: “Simon is an absolute devotee to Skinny Beers and he has decided to buy into it. He drinks two of them a night and after some thought knew he wanted to get involved.

“The drinks are all vegan, gluten-free and kosher so it ticks all of the boxes when it comes to Simon’s dietary requirements.

“He gave up meat and dairy as part of his fitness kick and having this alcoholic drink instead of another means he’s not breaking away from his routine.

“Simon is now planning on investing £500,000 in the company and believes Skinny Lager can become a mainstream drink in the UK. He is so confident about the product and now wants to put his name to it.”

Given the amount of lager I can put back during a session, maybe I need to take a leaf out of Simon’s book and give one of these a try.

Couple in Paris

HAILEY Bieber turned the streets of Paris into her own catwalk as she arrived in France with pop star husband Justin.

The model wore a sizzling lilac short skirt and matching top for a shopping trip then changed into an elegant beige halter-neck dress to meet Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte.

Justin and the French president discussed the issues facing young people around the globe.

I can’t imagine Justin swapping pop for politics just yet – but knowing him, anything could.

Lorde of the world

LORDE is to do a world tour. The Kiwi will play Leeds on May 25 next year, then Edinburgh, Manchester and Birmingham and two shows at London’s Roundhouse on June 1 and 2.

Lorde, who will release her record Solar Power on August 20, made the announcement in a newsletter after coming off social media.

Nic shore zinger

LIFE’S a permanent beach for Nicole Scherzinger.

The Pussycat Dolls singer beamed as she cuddled up to her boyfriend Thom Evans in Portugal on Monday.

Nicole went to her native Hawaii for almost two months from March and shared a number of envy-inducing snaps by the sea.

She then headed to LA last month to finish off her work on the US version of The Masked Singer before making her way to another beach.

And who could blame her? Looking good in a bikini is one of the things Nicole does best.

Vin's latest is Fast 'n' Farcical

THE ninth instalment of Fast And Furious will be more like Fast And Ludicrous.

In the two hour, 25-minute blockbuster, which is out tomorrow, fans will be able to witness some of the most unbelievably ridiculous scenes ever.

From high speed car chases through fields littered with landmines, to a car being driven off a cliff and being picked up by a jet – no stunt is too farcical.

The first crash comes within just 14 seconds and more than 40 huge explosions will ring in your ears as Vin Diesel, Ludacris and Michelle Rodriguez lead the pack of motor-mad friends on their latest adventure.

Although the film cost an estimated £200million to make, it’s a shame they didn’t pay an intern to check on the continuity in some scenes. I’ll save those glaring errors for your own enjoyment.

But I don’t want to put too much of a dampener on it, let’s face it none of us have been to the cinema in ages, so just settle in for the ride, as it’s well worth going to watch. Even if it is just to laugh at how ridiculous the entire thing is.

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