Emily in Paris location: Where is Emily in Paris filmed? Where’s it set?

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Netflix series Emily in Paris will be landing in one go tomorrow (Friday, October 2). The 10-part romantic comedy series has been created by Darren Star of Sex and The City fame. Express.co.uk has everything you need to know about the settings and locations for the show.

Where is Emily in Paris set?

As the name suggests, Emily in Paris takes place in city of romance and heart of fashion in France.

Emily in Paris sees the eponymous character (played by Lily Collins) move from her home in Chicago, America to Europe.

One in Paris, Emily will feel like a fish out of water as she tries to navigate her new surroundings and come out on top.

Culture clashes and misunderstandings are inevitable for the American twentysomething as she tries to ingratiate herself with her new colleagues and make friends in the city.

Emily will embark on adventures and find romance as she tries to succeed both professionally and personally in Paris.

Much like New York was almost the fifth character in Sex and The City, the French capital will also be a big presence in Emily in Paris.

Along with Paris, another key location is the Loire Valley in France, where the show will relocate to later.

Viewers will be treated to rolling hills, golden sunshine and gorgeous scenery as Emily aims to impress.

Speaking about how Emily would find Paris, creator Star explained: “Emily has a lot of really great qualities that many people associate with Americans — she’s confident, strong, and ambitious. But she is a fish out of water in Paris because, culturally, Paris is very different.

“She has to learn this new culture and integrate into a new way of living.

“But her innate sense of self stays the same — encountering and immersing yourself in different cultures always helps you grow.

“I didn’t want to have all the scripts written before we went to Paris so we could all have that experience together, and the observations that the cast and writers were all able to bring to the show just by being there was really important.”

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Where is Emily in Paris filmed?

The show was filmed on location in Paris in various locations across the city.

Character Camille’s (Camille Razat) family villa is located in the Loire Valley where the production moved to and shot those scenes.

One episode saw filming taking place at the grand Château de Sonnay in Indre-et-Loire, according to blog Val de Loire by Sophie.

According to Deadline, filming on the show started in 2019 so it was unaffected by the coronavirus pandemic.

The cast and crew were living in Paris during the duration of filming and had their own experience and anecdotes.

There was also some footage shot in Chicago for the midwestern elements of the story – the place Emily comes from and calls home.

Collins also served as a producer on the series and helped out with the locations and costumes on the series, alongside Star and the other exectuives.

She said: “I was encouraged to share some of my real experiences I was having living in Paris, and incorporate them into the lived experiences of Emily.

“This was the most amazing education to receive and I know I will take what I learned with me on all my future projects.”

Emily in Paris will be released on Netflix tomorrow

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