Emmerdale fans beg show to mute church bell as sound ruins Leannas funeral

Emmerdale fans were left begging producers to 'mute' the 'annoying' sound of church bells as they 'ruined' Leanna Cavanagh's funeral.

The teenager was murdered by evil Meena Jutla weeks ago, as she found out the truth about Meena's past crimes.

Meena ruthlessly hurled Leanna off the humpback bridge and she toppled to her death, leaving dad Liam and boyfriend Jacob devastated by his grief.

And as the day of her funeral rolled around, Liam had banned everyone but Leyla and Meena from her funeral after lashing out at Leanna's friends.

But that wasn't the only element that 'ruined' the funeral, as viewers pointed out the 'annoying' bells tolling in the village.

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Both the church bell and one held by a man in the funeral procession were chiming as Liam led the hearse to the church for the ceremony.

"God can someone please mute that church bell?!" one fan wailed on Twitter, as another posted: "Unfortunately they seem to have chosen a rather loud church bell!"

A third fan chimed in: "That dinging is driving me insane!"

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"That bell is absolutely doing my head in!" someone else ranted, as another fan simply posted: "STFU with the bell!"

It looked like villainous Meena might have finally been about to get caught out, as the ring she had stolen from Leanna broke from the chain she wore it on and rolled to Liam's feet.

But fans were left fuming as the GP failed to notice the fallen jewellery, and went on oblivious – meaning Meena was able to continue her schemes.

It has plenty of fans worrying the storyline will go on 'until Christmas', with Meena continuing to take her victims from the village.

"Planning a big Christmas finish for her I'm guessing!" someone posted on social media, as another agreed: "How long are they going to drag this story on for? I do hope it's not running until Christmas… big Christmas storyline killer getting caught."

Another said: "So much for the ring being what takes Meena down. Suppose we'll have to wait until Christmas."

Later, in the church, Jacob bid a tearful farewell to his girlfriend – but Liam walked in and began to fume at him for his criticism of Liam's bare-bones eulogy.

Jacob was apologising for not being the boyfriend Leanna deserved, and wished the two of them could "just wake up on a beach together" if their travelling plans had been fulfilled.

Emmerdale airs at 7pm weeknights on ITV, with an extra helping at 8pm on Thursdays.

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