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VIEWERS are scratching their heads, trying to figure out who fathered Amelia Spencer's baby.

A new theory emerged and some Emmerdale fans are throwing Jacob Gallagher's name into the mix.

Amelia Spencer has left soap fans with bated breath in recent weeks after learning she was expecting her first child.

The teen portrayed by Daisy Campbell has since been dropping small clues about the identity of the father but nothing too explicit.

Since finding out about her surprise pregnancy, ITV viewers have theorised Noah Dingle could be the father due to his troubled past with the young girl.

But after Charity Dingle (played by Emma Atkins) learned she was pregnant, Amelia had to clarify Noah and her were never intimate and only share a friendship.

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Meanwhile, some other fans thought Noah being the father of Amelia's baby would be too obvious and have speculated another Dingle, Samson, could be the father.

However, Samson isn't the only one thought to have spent time with Amelia as Heath Hope has been mentioned due to Amelia's friendship with his twin sister Cathy.

Frustrated fans have shared their thoughts on a Digital Spy forum and found that another name could be added to the list – Jacob Gallagher.

The theory first popped up when a fan wrote: "It might be Samson's but considering that Amelia said the father hadn't had anything to do with her since that doesn't sound like Samson since they hang out often."

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"My guess is she's lying and it's someone older or it's someone like Heath we hardly see."

This led to another fan speculating the baby daddy would be "someone much older" than Amelia as one viewer wondered why there was so much secrecy from her.

"I think it's going to be someone much older than her, that's why she's scared to tell anyone.

"But I don't want to think of any of the older men in Emmerdale sleeping with her, regardless of whether it was what she wanted or not cause it's just going to tarnish that character forever."

Nate Robinson was then pushed into the spotlight as a potential candidate, following his connection with young Chloe Harris.

"Maybe its Nate Hiding on the farm he never seems to do any work on and just happened to be available to get another girl on his arm. You have to be quick or you will miss him in the cast."

Eventually, another fan was inspired by this theory enough to throw in Jacob Gallagher.

"If its not Nate could it be Jacob as he like to put it about, with the terrible hair and the god I'm boring eyes."


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The youngster portrayed by Joe-Warren Plant has mostly been standing on the side-lines in recent weeks as he figures out what he wants to do after school.

He has also been mourning the loss of his girlfriend Leanna Cavanagh, who was murdered by Meena Jutla on her 18th birthday in July, 2021.

This led him straight into Chloe Harris' bed, which made his friend Noah Dingle jealous.

Chloe and Jacob have remained friends ever since, despite the drama triggered by their night together.

Could he have fathered Amelia's baby?

After finding out she was pregnant, Amelia learned she was 21 weeks along meaning her baby would have been conceived around March, 2022.

During a scene at the abortion clinic, she claimed the baby daddy was a teenager like her before telling Charity it was "someone from church."

While the mystery continues and viewers are growing more annoyed with the storyline, Amelia made a huge decision in a recent episode of Emmerdale.

As Noah came back to the village from prison and found out she was pregnant, he offered her some unexpected support.

This was when Amelia spoke to him about her recent wishes to keep the baby after she believed she felt the child move.

Amelia previously wanted an abortion and Charity had been the only one to know all about her turmoil.

Eventually, Amelia made the decision to keep her baby.

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