Emmerdale fans go wild as Rishi shows love for Manpreet with tramp stamp

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Emmerdale's Rishi had social media in a frenzy as he showed off his latest purchase, a tattoo for his love, Manpreet.

The local businessman had hoped to shock his lover and make her happy, while she believed he was asking her to go to the bedroom, Rishi revealed he had other ideas.

However, Manpreet was left horrified by the discovery, leaving Rishi heartbroken as the true extent of her feelings for the businessman were laid bare.

Rishi explained that his inking was a symbol of his "infinite" love for Manpreet who admitted that she wasn't a fan of his body art.

He explained that he had been waiting for his tattoo to heel before eventually revealing it as he bent over and lifted his shirt.

"It's an infinity symbol because my love for you is infinite," he exclaimed before Manpreet revealed "like" wasn't a word she had thought of.

Stunned by his revelation, Manpreet said: "Romantic is cooking me a meal, or sending flowers, not desecrating your skin," leaving Rishi looking upset.

"So you don't want a matching one?" he asked before Manpreet exclaimed: "I can't do this right now, I need to get to work."

Viewers at home couldn't contain themselves as they flocked to social media just moments after the tense scene aired to share their thoughts.

"Rishi getting a tramp stamp!! wtf even is #emmerdale these days?" asked one.

While a second penned: "Manpreet should be happy I would love to have a man that loved me like Rishi loves her #Emmerdale."

"Rishi is either crazy or going through a midlife crisis. I suspect the latter #Emmerdale," added a third.

Before a fourth typed: "Rishi with a tramp stamp tattoo. I just can’t #Emmerdale."

Elsewhere on the ITV soap, Rishi accused Charles of stealing his girlfriend from him, leaving Charles shellshocked by the revelation, while Meena encourages Manpreet to make a move on Charles.

Many viewers took to Twitter, furious over the way Manpreet had treated Rishi as they split up.

"Manpreet never loved Rishi to begin with. He was a cash machine, someone to pay her debts and keep a roof over her head. The Jutla sisters really are a dangerous pairing. #Emmerdale," said one.

Before a second tweeted: "Manpreet you cowbag, Rishi is precious #Emmerdale."

"My heart is breaking for Rishi, he really loved Manpreet #Emmerdale," wrote a third.

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