Emmerdale heartbreak as Ethan Anderson keeps health diagnosis secret from Charles?

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Ethan Anderson (played by Emile John) is going through an agonising ordeal on the ITV soap as he is worried he has contracted HIV from hook-up Eddy, who has tested positive for the virus. Charles (Kevin Mathurin) can tell something is troubling his son, however, will Ethan keep the burden to himself if the results are positive? 

Monday night’s episode of Emmerdale saw Ethan receive an unexpected call from his former date Eddy. 

The couple spent the night with each other once their date had ended but Ethan later admitted he didn’t want to take the romance further.

Eddy repeatedly tried to get in contact with Ethan despite the lawyer’s admission. 

However, when Ethan gets a call from Eddy explaining he has tested positive for HIV, Ethan is taken aback. 

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Noticing Ethan’s low mood, Charles asks him what’s wrong, but Ethan pretends his concerns are just work-related. 

Emile explained: “As a close father and son duo, they both have sharp intuitions where it concerns one another’s wellbeing. 

“Charles seems to know there’s something weighing on Ethan, even when Ethan tries his hardest to conceal his worry.

“The guilt and shame that goes with even being associated with HIV because of the stigma are enough to silence Ethan. Ethan is a black gay man, this alone within parts of the black community is still taboo.”

Emile admitted he fears his character won’t feel he’s able to confide in his father because of his profession.

He said: “In Ethan’s mind, Charles is one of the last people he feels he can open up to about this, he feels he is bringing shame to his father. 

“What Ethan is blind to because of his fears and anxieties is the unconditional love that Charles has for his son.”

If Ethan does test positive HIV, the lawyer will likely keep this huge burden secret from his father.

Will Charles realise something is wrong with his son and encourage him to speak up?

Charles holds Ethan in such high regard, with Emile saying his character feels he is under too much pressure. 

Emile added: “On this occasion, he’s fallen short and he has no doubt that Charles will let him know just that.”

He explained that Ethan is normally incredibly responsible and level-headed, and will know that on this occasion he made a grave mistake. 

Speaking about Ethan’s inner turmoil, Emile explained: “Ethan’s finding it difficult to come to terms with the fact that Eddy has been diagnosed HIV positive, partly because he’s concerned for the wellbeing of Eddy, but more so because of what it might mean for his own health. 

“He’s flooded with regret and kicking himself for being so irresponsible.”

He went on to explain his character’s secret of potentially having HIV would “weigh heavily on even the most stoic of people”. 

“It’s a huge burden to carry without the support of those you love and respect but also the stigma attached to HIV makes it difficult to be open about it,” Emile added. 

Emmerdale airs on weekdays at 7pm on ITV.

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