Emmerdale viewers creeped out by Belle Dingle's vision of 'demonic' Jamie Tate

EMMERDALE fans have been left creeped out by Belle Dingle’s vision of demonic Jamie Tate.

The vet’s assistant – who is played by actress Eden Taylor Draper in the ITV soap – suffers from a mental illness that makes her hear voices.

Viewers know she had been hearing the voice of her late mum Lisa Dingle – and it was encouraging her to do terrible things.

But they thought she was back on her medication – until tonight when it was revealed the voice was still with her.

And worse still – she had also begun seeing visions of Jamie being vile to her.

Seeing the vision surrounding her and abusing her, Belle clung to the voice of her mother.

Lisa told her: “Belle, stand up to him girl. He’s laughing at you. He played you for a mug, used you and threw you away. 

“Why do you always go for these posh boys? They walk all over you. I thought you had learned your lesson after Lachlan. 

“Are you going to let another public schoolboy run roughshod over you? 

“Home Farm is cursed – it’s done nothing but bring you misery and heartache. He’s destroyed you, nearly killed Moira and now he’s trying to ruin Nate’s life too. 

“You let that lad take the fall for Jamie because you’re weak and pathetic. Now Tracy’s poor little baby will grow up without its daddy. Now they’re all being punished because you’re a coward.”

The vision of Jamie returned leaving Belle begging for her mum to save her, but viewers were creeped out.

One wrote: "Poor Belle. Hope she murders the real Jamie."

A second said: "Evil Jamie creepy to watch #emmerdale"

Another added: "I know it’s a soap, but the total transformation of Jamie’s personality from nice bloke to evil demon is just ridiculous! #emmerdale"

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