Emmerdale viewers fume at huge police blunder as Meena lines up next victim

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Emmerdale fans were furious on Tuesday, as they spotted a glaring blunder in villain Meena Jutla's latest scheme.

Meena had stolen the keys to Victoria's house and snuck inside, when the chef returned from work to seek out a credit card that had been left behind.

As she prepared to leave the house again after searching for her lost keys, Vic heard the noise of someone else breathing, along with the vibrating of a phone.

Vic did turn back to yell at the intruder – who, unknown to her, was Meena standing threateningly with a huge rock, ready to strike – she said she'd be calling the police to alert them of the danger.

But instead of sticking around, Vic quickly fled the scene while grappling with her phone.

Fans were left fuming, as they theorised that it would simply give Meena the opportunity to easily slip away.

Turning to Twitter, one viewer penned: "Victoria decided to shout 'I'm calling the police' knowing someone was in her house, why not get someone to go in with you and confront them?"

Another posted: "Why did Victoria not look to see who was there?"

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"'Who is there, I'm calling the police', walks out? Does not shout for help, does not stand outside and phone the police… just walks out and closes the door behind her?" someone else quizzed.

Another social media user posted: "We expected to sit through an hour of complete coincidences […] Don't start me on Meena, @Emmerdale is completely unwatchable at the moment!"

"How stupid was the story tonight regarding Victoria and Meena in her house, anybody would look and see if there was anybody there!" someone else echoed.

Meena, meanwhile, blew a kiss to the empty room, and could be seen stealing away with one of Victoria's pink bras – leaving some fans baffled.

"Meena stole Vic's bras?!" one posted to Twitter, as another immediately followed up: "Don't tell Noah you're going to sniff some of Victoria's bras Meena!"

Someone else posted: "Meena has nicked a bra from Victoria…"

Later, the cops showed up to question Victoria – but convinced her that she probably just heard a noise from next door.

Meena, meanwhile, had received news from Manpreet that her niece had been in an accident – and didn't care a whit until it looked like the story could help her evade an interrogation.

Meena recommended Vic keep her guard up, telling her that her "instincts" were likely correct: "Don't let anyone fob you off."

While talking to David, however, the gemstone Meena had been clutching to potentially beat Vic with fell out of her bag – but her boyfriend appeared to accept the explanation that it was just "a crystal".

Emmerdale continues tomorrow at 7pm on ITV.

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