Emmerdales Belle Dingle to expose Chas as fans work out clue

Emmerdale’s Al Chapman actor Michael Wildman thanks fans

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Last week, Emmerdale fans watched as Al Chapman (Michael Wildman) was brutally murdered by his secret lover’s brother Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley). After months of lying, their affair was uncovered by Cain who reacted in violence. Despite only a few people knowing about the cheating, viewers believe the affair is about to be fully exposed.

The duo’s long-running feud came to a head last week when Cain shot Al in the barn after confronting him about his affair with his sister Chas (Lucy Pargeter).

Despite Chas being married to Paddy Kirk (Dominic Brunt) and Al recently getting engaged to Kerry Wyatt (Laura Norton), the pair have been seeing each other behind everyone’s backs for months.

Although they managed to keep it under wraps, they were once spotted in the act by Belle Dingle (Eden Taylor-Draper) at a hotel.

After insisting to Belle and her son Aaron Dingle (Danny Miller) that the affair was over, Chas continued seeing Al in secret.

However, it wasn’t until their infidelity was revealed by Cain that things came to a deadly end, resulting in him being arrested for the crime.

With Aaron disgusted at his mum for betraying Paddy and fleeing the village along with Cain behind bars, the only person who knows about the affair in the Dales is Belle.

In scenes that aired this week, viewers are convinced that the young Dingle is about to expose Chas and put all the lies to bed once and for all.

During Tuesday’s episode, when Chas told the pub that Al was dead, Belle gave her a look which suggested she knew the affair had continued to go on.

After she was seen pulling a face at Chas which suggested she knew something, she then made a comment about Al to try and gauge her reaction.

Many viewers quickly took to Twitter to predict that Belle is about to expose Al and Chas’ affair which is what led to the showdown with her brother Cain.

Warenext said: ”C’mon Belle!!! Your chance to ring out loud!!!! Time to Expose Chas and Save Paddy!!”

Matt528chap added: “Oh hello-Is Belle finally about to do the nation a favour and expose Chas!”

BernieTucker66 commented: “Down to Belle now to tell the truth about Chas and Al poor Paddy.”

RyanGSoapKing11 tweeted: “Well done Belle making Chas Squirm.”

“Belle needs to tell everyone, especially Paddy what she knows,” said Lilyyflo12.

While BovaryCee said: “The look on Belle’s face as she’s staring at Chas. She’s not having Chas’s pity face. #Emmerdale.”

Despite Cain being the person sitting in prison, many aren’t convinced it was him who pulled the trigger and killed Al.

During a tussle for the gun in the barn, Monday’s episode last week ended on a cliffhanger after a single gunshot went off.

With Tuesday’s episode opening with a lifeless Al, Cain was immediately blamed after Kerry walked in to find him next to her dead fiance.

Viewers have shared theories that the real killer could be Chas’ son Aaron who threatened Al when he uncovered their affair.

After punching him in the face, Aaron told Al to stay away from his mum or he’d kill him and then bury him.

Could it be that his strong words were more than simply an idle threat? 

Emmerdale airs on ITV on weekdays at 7pm.

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