Endeavour: Will Morse marry Joan Thursday?

Roger Allam says it's unlikely this will be last Endeavour series

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Endeavour is the ongoing prequel to Inspector Morse, the iconic staple of British procedural television. Slowly but surely, the ITV series is moving closer towards the time period of the original show, meaning there are some plot points it will be forced to cover. One of the main one’s concerns Endeavour Morse’s (played by Shaun Evans) and Joan Thursday’s (Sara Vickers) relationship.

Will Morse marry Joan Thursday?

Throughout Endeavour, Morse and Joan have had an ongoing will-they, won’t-they relationship.

Ahead of season eight, fans are wondering where their relationship will go moving forward, especially with such an emotionally turbulent last couple of seasons. 

Their relationship goes way back to the first season of the series, originally being introduced to one another by her father, DI Fred Thursday (Roger Allam).

However, the tension between the pair only started in season two, but Morse holds back on making a move because of how it would have impacted his career.

It isn’t until the third season when Morse realised that he is in love with Joan, but his realisation comes too late has she recently left Oxford, something which haunts him throughout the fourth season. 

Morse eventually tracked her down, discovering to his horror that she is in a new relationship, one which had made Joan deeply unhappy.

In a shocking moment, Morse actually proposed to Joan when he finds her, but she declines the offer, due to her current relationship. 

In another shocker, Joan’s boyfriend then threw her down a flight of stairs, leading to Morse rushing to the hospital. 

He left her in hospital, after giving her a kiss on the forehead, one of the most tragic season finales in the series’ history.

Moving into season five, Morse was desperately trying to forget Loan and move on, but, he found the courage to finally ask her out on a date.

Throughout the next couple of seasons, the pair’s relationship seemed to be at a standstill, with the date seemingly never coming to fruition.

As fans of the original series will know, Morse never did get married, something he regrets and looks back on often.

Played by John Thaw, Morse still had his fair share of relationships in the original show, though they never progressed past more than a few dates.

Speaking to OxInABox, star Shaun Evans teased what to expect from Morse’s and Joan’s relationship in season eight.

Evans explained: “Where we meet them at this point in the new series because he’s made himself so vulnerable in the previous season, there’s a certain reluctance to be as open.

“There is more of a protective quality, a shield, that has grown over, Joan has seen Endeavour at his worst a couple of times now.

“There’s a choice to either continue on that path and go deeper or to feel embarrassed.”

Fans will have to wait and see how the relationship between Morse ad Joan plays out in Endeavour, but it can only end one way.

How the writers of the series decide to tackle the failed romance remains to be seen, though it will likely lead to one of the most emotionally charged moments in the show.

While season eight is about to premiere, it isn’t clear how long the show will go on for as a whole.

ITV has not confirmed the ninth season, though as eight has not been billed as the final, Morse will likely return.

Endeavour season eight premieres at 8pm on Sunday 12 on ITV.

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