Escape to the Chateau’s Angel Adoree admission about renovation: ‘Didn’t appreciate it’

Escape to the Chateau: Angel was unimpressed with the basement

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In an old episode of Escape to the Chateau, Angel Adoree openly admitted she didn’t appreciate the big jobs her and husband Dick Strawbridge had to endure in the servants domain when they first moved into the Chateau. However, after seven years, the couple are close to completing their sous-sol and creating the perfect space which would delight French chefs, who would have used the quarter back when it was first built 150 years ago.

150 years ago, there would have been nine servants working at the Chateau, and their domain was down in the sous-so, the basement.

However, when Dick and Angel first ventured down there though, it was clear it had seen better days.

Looking around the dilapidated room, Angel said: “I really didn’t appreciate the enormity of the job, it’s not just a slap of paint and a taxidermy head!”

Over the past seven years, Dick and Angel have worked hard to bring the servants area back to life, and now every room in the basement would delight even the most fastidious of chefs.

Looking at a map of the sous-sol, Dick explained: “This is planning de sous basement, downstairs, now this is very exciting.

“The entrance hall downstairs in the sous basement that’s the boot room, as we call it, guess what it’s done! This is the tower with the lift in it, guess what it’s done!

“The family kitchen done very early on, right for our wedding, that’s done and looking good, this is now the pantry, it’s done, come round to the commercial kitchen, that’s done!

“Then we have the utility room, that’s done, the cave is staying as a cave, so I’m going to put the little green dots and say it’s done!

“The workshop and the area that’s down here, but that’s actually quite useful, so I don’t really want to change that very much,” he admitted.

Dick continued: “It leaves us with the one thing that we knew we were going to get back and revisit, and that’s in red.

“This is the preserves cupboard, corridor straight down the middle, shelves on both sides when that is done all of our sous-sol is going to be done! That’s why it’s an exciting thing to do!”

In the 19th century, before refrigeration and before it came a 21st-century dumping ground, the chateaus three-and-a-half-metre long preserves cupboard would have been at the heart of the kitchen.

As the pair looked around the preserves cupboard, Dick pointed towards a dusty tun and said: “How horrible is that?”

Agreeing, Angel exclaimed: “It’s horrible, it’s so dusty in here!” to which Dick continued: “And that’s because it’s never been done, look at the ceiling.

“This room is to become the preserves room again, so all this stuff here which is service goes, and that goes into wedding service wherever.

“I’m quite excited about this because this is a very nice room!”

As Dick’s waited seven years to use this space in exactly the same way as the Chateau’s original chefs, he was rather keen to get going.

He began throwing things into a bag in the preserves cupboard, but to his wife dismay, she exclaimed: “Are you serious! Get rid of your own stuff first!

Teasing his wife, Dick said: “Darling, get started, away you go, we’ve got such a lot of….”

“Stuff!” Angel interrupted, “Darling, I definitely don’t think we’ve got enough boxes for all this!”

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