Fans of Vera will be getting extra episodes in 2023

Brenda Blethyn is spotted filming new series of Vera

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Fans of Vera will finally be getting some fresh cases to stick their teeth into. This year will see cases spanning across two seasons including some stories from series 11 and 12. There will be two episodes from series 11, starting tonight (January 15) on ITV1, before season 12 begins in earnest.

There are four episodes in season 12 officially, which will be feature-length and feel more like films.

However, first viewers are going to get the final two instalments of season 11, so six new episodes of Vera in total in 2023.

Season 12 will be giving Vera fans some insight into her past and backstory with the focus usually on the murder victims rather than the gruff but brilliant detective.

Here is a look at the episode count for season 12 and also the other two instalments airing this year.

How many episodes are in Vera season 12?

Vital Signs – series 11, episode 3 – January 15

The first of the new Vera episodes will see the detective (played by Brenda Blethyn) trying to figure out why anyone would want to bump off a GP.

However, she soon finds the good doctor had a colourful background and may have made some enemies along the way.

The Way the Wind Blows – series 11, episode 4 – January 22

The final instalment from season 11 sees a woman’s body washing up on the banks of the River Tyne with Vera contemplating who would want to kill a mother, friend and a popular manager at a green energy company.

Vera starts to put together a troubling picture as she looks into the victim’s past including grievances and corporate cover-ups.

Against the Tide – series 12, episode 1 – January 29

The first episode of the new series kicks off with quite a conundrum. When a body is found at a remote lighthouse lashed to the side of a sailboat, Vera is horrified to learn it’s the local council enforcement officer.

To add further insult to injury, the victim was also an experienced amateur sailor with the team questioning whether this really could have been an accident.

For the Grace of God – series 12, episode 2 – February 5

A tragic case sees a dedicated soldier trying to readjust to civilian life only to get killed.

As always, there’s more to the murder than it first seems with the Lance Corporal having dark secrets coming back from his past.

Blue – series 12, episode 3 – February 12

A police officer is found dead in a park lake with Vera attempting to figure out who could want him dead, looking at the victim’s friends and foes alike.

Looking at whether the slain cop had important information or was killed by someone closer to home keeps the detective on her toes.

The Darkest Evening – series 12, episode 4 – February 19

Finally, the last episode will see Vera finding a baby in the middle of an abandoned car in the midst of a huge, blustery storm.

Vera is forced to seek solace in her ancestral family home of Brockburn House, where she encountered members of her estranged family.

Speaking about the instalment, actress Blethyn said: “There’s been a little wait but Vera fans can look forward to six new feature-length episodes, instead of the usual four.

“To be followed by a seventh film – The Rising Tide – later in the year, which we only finished filming just before Christmas. That’s based on the latest Ann Cleeves’ Vera novel of the same name which was published in September. We began making that in November and wrapped in December.”

She went on to say: “The six new films also include an adaptation of Ann’s previous book, The Darkest Evening, which marks the 50th episode of Vera.

“I feel rather proud of having reached the landmark of 50 episodes, now having filmed 51 in total. I think it’s wonderful.

“A great achievement for everyone involved. Ten of those 51 films are based on the books by Ann Cleeves. She has created such well defined characters, allowing the other story writers to bring them to life on screen as well.”

Vera starts on ITV1 and ITVX tonight at 8pm

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